Nuno Felt Experiments for the Studio Challenge

Nuno Felt Experiments for the Studio Challenge

Every quarter on the forum we do a challenge.  I thought I better get on with it myself before the challenge runs out. I challenged people to try nuno felting or to try it on something they hadn’t before. I decided to try some fabrics that I wasn’t sure would work, to see what would happen. There are lots of pictures. I did shrink them so I hope they don’t overwhelm anyone’s computer connection.

For all the pieces I used merino wool in a contrasting colour so I could see how the wool migrated better.

The first is  a polyester knit that is like t-shirt material. It feels a lot like cotton.

poly knit

this is what it finished like. It worked really well. I think because it is a soft knit the fabric fibers could easily move out of the way letting the wool through.

polly knit felted polly knit felted cloce

This one is from a poly knit dress more like the polyester we used to wear in the 70’s.

polyester dress

It worked fairly well but it is heavier material and the wool didn’t come through as much.

poly dress felted poly dress felted close

These next two are different sides of the same silk fabric cut from a woven silk jacket. it was a pretty little jacket but small and out of date. The texture of the fabric is great, quite 3 dimensional. This is the right side.

silk jacket right side

silk jacket right side felted 1silk jacket right side felted close

I think it worked really well.

This is the wrong side.

silk jacket wrong side

It didn’t felt as well, I do not know why the fiber would not travel through fabric as well in this direction but as you can see not nearly as much wool migrated to the top.

silk jacket wrong side felted silk jacket wrong side felted close

Lastly is a mystery fabric. it is cut from a blouse. Both sewn into the seam together. one said 100% silk and the other said 100% polyester.

maybe silk

It did work very well but you can’t see its shine much at all. You do see it more in person.

maybe silk feltedmaybe silk felted close

There is still time to join in the challenge. Try something new or show us something old you tried that worked or didn’t. I think the failures or things that went sideways are sometimes the most interesting.

10 thoughts on “Nuno Felt Experiments for the Studio Challenge

    1. The dress is nice but the maybe silk piece is very interesting it has a definite up and down striping in the wrinkles like wood grain in shibori. It doesn’t show well in the picture. You can see it a bit better if you blow it up.

  1. I think I like the polyester dress best too, though I do like the darker ones. That’s interesting about how different the results were from using different sides of the same fabric 🙂
    I don’t think it’s possible to have failures from experiments is it, just results 🙂

    1. I do wonder what’s going on there. I thought I would talk to some weaving friends about it. you would think it would stop the fibers half way if one side it tighter than the other. There are really no failures if you learn something.

  2. Way cool experiments Ann! 🙂 I hadn’t thought of trying t-shirt type knit before. I’ll have to find a few different fabrics to try out. Great way to learn more.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I am not sure why I had the t-shirt material in my stash. there are 2 thin layers of wool and the finished piece is surprisingly stretchy. the dress piece is not.

  3. Great experiments! My favorite is the print poly knit, but it’s good to learn how the other materials fared. Thanks for sharing!

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