Two Tongues Made

Two Tongues Made

This week I feel like the worlds slowest felter. I managed to get the two tongues for my boots made and that it. They look huge when you start but when your done they are the right sized. The final shrinking does take some work but these are boots so they need to be sturdy.

tongue before and after

One of the reasons I haven’t had time is the lambs. This little guy is called Mr Boots. He is one of a set of quadruplets. He was the first born and got cold while his 3 sisters were born. He was 4 pounds when he was born and looked like a lamb shaped chicken wing, all skin and bone and no substance. He ended up in the house in a dog cage in my living room. It’s a good thing I am not house proud. He is filling out and has a really good set of lungs.


These are his 3 sisters under the heat lamp staying warm. They are doing well and no longer need the lamp.

Mr Boots sisters

We are heading in to some warmer weather this week so things should be a little easier all round. I hope that I have more to show you about boots in my next post.

13 thoughts on “Two Tongues Made

  1. Hope you soon get Mr Boots strong enough to join the others in the shed, then I’m sure there’ll be no stopping you.

    Look forward to seeing the next stage.

    1. He is getting stronger but I think he will be inside for a while. He is now in a pen in the basement. There is a bigger bottle lamb in with him. They do not like to be alone.

  2. Oh i’m glad Mr Boots is fattening up and getting stronger, I hope you do get some much warmer weather Ann, i dont know how you cope with being so cold !!!

    1. Karen that’s what all the wool if for, keeping you warm. I have a bunch of lovely warm wool sweaters and warm wool socks. We all look at least 50 lbs heavier in the winter.

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