New Year, New Work

New Year, New Work

Well we had such a bad year last year that i’m glad its all behind us now and we can move onwards and upwards

So here we go !!

I’ve been taking on board Ruths challenge and thoroughly enjoying myself but doing something a bit different.  I have been crafting ever since i can remember and always love having something on the go, ever since i found felting i really did fall in love and still am but i have this mental block with it and cant seem to get my act together to make something that i really like.  So i’m having a little break from actual felting and moving on to something else for a while, i’ll still be incorporating fibre and felt into things but i think its best if i stop trying and wait till it wants to come naturally lol

So having said that and as much as i love crafting i’ve never been into Altered books, with Ruths challenge i wanted something that i could do in small or large doses  and include lots of mixed media, i.e  fibres , silks ,beads ect, There are some beautiful Altered books out there but i havent found anything like what i’m doing so i can honestly say these are coming from my head, good or bad lol  And about 20 years ago i used to make something similar to these and sell them at a market stall, by the masses lol    i thought i’d give them another go but add lots more of what i’m doing now into them.   I had a stack of note books ready to make covers for and  i’m turning them into my  little motivational altered books, yes they are a bit different but  i’m having a great time.

Here are a few  i’m playing with, i’m still not sure if there quite finished but i’m showing you anyway.  They start of course with a note book !  then  paverpoled, painted and lots added , they take about 2-3 days to make one with all the added embellishments, paint ect, and lots of drying time so its been fun to get a sort of production line going, and its keeping me entertained.

These first couple have  adding beads, silk threads, sari silk ribbon, angelina, felt and touched over with shiva sticks , i made flowers from some light weight material and added them in and a few words of inspiration. I hope you dont mind all the pics, there quite hard to photograph so you can see properly !



Silk Paper back, in hindsight  i shouldnt have used the silk paper on the back as your not going to be able to see it much unless you pick up the book, but i really like how the silk came out hardened.






This next one ( i do have 6 on the go ) lol  i wanted to try some tyvek on the back and melt it down,  when i put the first layer on i had to use glue to hold it and when i hit it with the heat gun it just would not melt at all, so i added another layer straight over the top and used heat to fuse it together, it worked then but i learnt that once tyvek has glue on it will only melt the tiniest little bit.   This first pic is after glueing and i forgot to take a pic before i added more tyvek and sprayed


But it gave a  huge amount of texture and its now black, the gold was just way to much for me !!


Plain black first to the front


Then the added tyvek and paint

i also discovered that i can use the tyvek to make a lace work ( of sorts ) i think it would be great for making cobwebs.


I might have gone a bit overboard with the lace on this one, but everyone here likes it best lol


So this is what i’ve been up to and i definitely feel back in my comfort zone, The next one has more felt and fibres, angelina and beads but its not finished yet. I love the fact that as there all done in stages i can have quite a few going at once.

What do you think, i’d appreciate any feedback on these, but remember its only the first few, i’ll improve as i go along lol  And Thankyou Ruth if it wasnt for your challenge i’d still be scratching my head over some felting 🙂

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Work

  1. It’s a shame that the back of the book is only visible to those curious enough to look, because it’s very pretty! I like the lace effect you’ve achieved with the tyvek.

    You must make whatever you feel inspired to make. I have forced myself to make a couple of things (because they were needed) and it was hard, almost joyless, work.
    You’re having fun and you’re producing art so just keep going.

  2. Thankyou Lyn 🙂
    I am happy to be doing something thats keeping me occupied and im enjoying it. I’ll have to make some more silk paper and use it were it can be seen.

  3. You are now living in my world, Karen. I am more focused on Mixed Media than on any one thing. Your altered books are wonderful. I am working on wood panels and using a product called Bindex to glue things down. You can also make your own books out of canvas that has been painted with Gesso.

    1. Thankyou Judy, i’m very happy to be living in your world lol I havent heard of Bindex before, i’ve been using my paverpol to set and harden, the next one im working on has Gesso but i’ve actually never made my own books, that sounds really interesting making them out of canvas 🙂

  4. I love these Karen! I wish I could pick them up and really examine them. And I would definitely look at the back. I think you are heading in the right direction. The lace effect is really cool and I’m sure these would be snatched up if you sold them.

    1. Aww Thankyou Ruth, they actually feel pretty cool when you pick them up although they do get quite heavy with all the added materials. when i get a good collection going i’m seriously thinking about selling them 🙂

  5. You go for it Karen. Never stop your creativity because you should make different art . Make what makes you feel good. No need to be a purist or only do one thing.

    1. Thankyou Ann. I was actually a bit worried what you girls would think, as they are so different from what we’ve been doing but i love making them and its keeping my hands busy lol

  6. I also have some of my handmade books and altered books on display in cases. I can take them out and show them to people in quiet moments. There are a couple of book out of the cases for people to look through. There is a lot of interest in book art and last year when I showed the books, the exhibition led to many classes because every one wanted one of their own!

  7. Wow, Kaz! These are really cool 🙂
    You’ve got some really interesting textures. I’ve never seen anyone doing anything like this before.

    1. Thankyou Zed, I do love all the texture you can create with this and there definitely different arent they lol

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