A Month of Fiber

It’s been a month now since I offered the Daily Dose of Fiber challenge to our readers. I have managed to get in at least five minutes of creative activity every day even on the day I cut my finger and had to get six stitches. I thought I’d do a quick review of what I’ve accomplished this month.


The majority of the month was spent on the beaded book. I spent my allotted fiber time for 18 days working on the beaded book but it is finished. I also made seven different applique samples for my stitch class and an applique book cover and binding. In other spare moments I learned a little crochet, did some research on the art of the early Bronze age, wrote a book report about applique, did a small study of reverse applique, painted some acrylic felt and finally finished the soles of my husband’s felt slippers. I have also been working on obtaining enough local wool for my yurt. I need 200# and I’m up to 150#.  I have also found a wool mill that will process the wool into big batts. Another fiber related activity was filling out the paperwork for teaching a felting class at the local community college.


What did you accomplish this month? Are you using your spare moments in being creative.  Once you get in the habit, you can really get a lot done.

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14 Responses to A Month of Fiber

  1. Lyn says:

    The book and applique are both wonderful and you’ve proved what can be achieved by applying the ‘daily dose of fibre’ philosophy.

  2. Hope to see closeup pictures of your beaded book soon. You really did a great job on this. I did get a lot done this month, but it has been my habit to work a little every day for a very long time now. It all adds up by the end of a month. I would say that I am able to finish at least one project every 30 days.

    • ruthlane says:

      Judy – you do get a lot done. I am planning on a post just about the bead book once I get better photos and get them cropped etc. Maybe I’ll get that done this week.

  3. thejamiblog says:

    I love the beaded book! Hope your finger is better

  4. Linda Spreen says:

    Wow You really accomplished a lot…I love the sample or book cover. Is that the painted example or the reverse applique?. I did something similar with stitching on a felted bird house and used pearl cotton but had to go over it twice to really get the effect. Do you mind saying what kind of thread you used with the stitching? Congrats on what you did.

    • ruthlane says:

      Thanks Linda – the applique is cotton fabric covered with silk organza and then stitched. I used one strand of cotton floss for the stitching.

  5. Karen says:

    Wow Ruth i think you accomplished so much this month, i love that beaded book, its still a shame its so heavy lol I think in the last 2 weeks i’ve more than made up for missed days or weeks of not being able to do anything and now i find myself working on a project everyday for hours lol

  6. You really have got a lot done Ruth. It sure adds up.

  7. zedster66 says:

    You’ve managed to get a lot done, Ruth, and it’s really nice 🙂
    I hope your finger is ok, 6 stitches sounds bad!

    • ruthlane says:

      Thanks Zed – actually the finger hasn’t been that bad. It was amazing to me that it needed 6 stitches. Only a few more days and I’l have the stitches out.

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