My Studio Challenge Contribution and Excuse

My Studio Challenge Contribution and Excuse

The second quarter is almost done and I finally have one of my planned pieces done. It is the simpler of the two but I  know I will not get the more complicated one done. This one was done like a line drawing with just a few bits of colour. It didn’t turn out as nice as I would have liked.

I make myself a piece of prefelt. Prefelt is just barely felted wool. You stop the process when everything is just holding together. I used Briggs and Little country roving. It comes as 5 strands of very thin roving ready to be put through a spinning machine. The only colour I had was red. It bleeds. I thought it might give the piece an interesting look. Here is the first strand on the prefelt.

roving on prefelt

Next I drew the picture and added some coloured felt from my left overs bin. Before cutting out the shapes and placing it, I brushed the back side with a dog brush to make it fuzzy.

all the elements added

I covered it with netting and rolled it up in a straw mat and rolled in all directions. I didn’t do any heavy fulling to shrink it because it does not need to be really strong.

I did start my second piece. I made the felt for the base. I used some cotton gauze for strength so I wouldn’t have to use much wool. I plan to cover the whole base with more wool  in several layers using my embellisher so wanted to start out fairly thin.

wool folded over to make neat edges
second base ready

While we are talking a little about technique people ask me why I use a star burst Tupperware lit to do my rubbing. I do it because when I rub directly on the sheer no mater how lightly I rub the I pull would right through the sheer and out. I’ve found about 1/3 of the people who come for classes have the same problem. I don’t know if our hands are just to rough or what.  Here are 2 pictures of what happens.

wool pulled through

And lastly my excuse. Besides waiting to long to start I have been getting ready to sell at our local medieval fair. One of the things that has taken time is my costume. Here is the under dress drying on the line after tea dying so it is not bright white.  There is a lot of material in it and I haven’t hemmed it yet. I have a little over a week to go and I have to make the top dress yet. I have a busy week ahead.

underdress dyed with tea

6 thoughts on “My Studio Challenge Contribution and Excuse

  1. The underdress looks fab (as you’re short of time, need you bother to hem it? Might look ‘the part’ if left as it is?)

    When you have time, do finish the second piece – is the finished base prettily mottled or is it a trick of light?

    I like the simplicity of design you’ve achieved with the roving – that’s a good technique.

  2. Ann – I’m behind too. I didn’t get anything felted but I did stitch a piece that will work for the challenge and for my stitch homework. I like the way you used the roving as well. The underdress looks fab – can’t wait to see the entire outfit and photos of you at the fair! 🙂

  3. I like the design, Ann, it reminds me of those old tourist maps from the 50’s.
    The underdress looks great too, I’ll look forward to seeing it all finished.

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