What Happened to the Orange Batt

What Happened to the Orange Batt

This is just a quick post to show you what I have been up to this week. I am selling at The New Art Festival in Ottawa June 2 and 3 . http://www.newartfestival.ca/ I am trying to get everything I want made, made by then. This week I have been working on I pad bags and  E-reader bags. I am sewing these as a better way to make sure I end up with the right sized every time. I am a slow sewer. I have my machine set to turtle. I decided this was a good thing to make with the art batts I carded up a while ago. http://wp.me/p1WEqk-AX


iPad bags in progress

The bags turned out nice but boring I thought. I am couching down some yarn I have to make them more interesting. The one the right everything is pinned but not sewn yet.I did two sizes one to put the iPad in short side first and the other to go in long side first. When I asked people what they prefered, it was a pretty even split.

All the bags are lined. Here you can see the yarn and thread I am going to decorate this one with.

iPad bags

Two almost finished ones. They have their decorations but I am not sure about how to close them. I was thinking a ribbon or piece or yarn and a button to wrap it around. I am not a fan of velcro. I never seen to have much luck sewing or gluing it on. Anyone else have a good idea?

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  1. The colour is beautiful and I like the surface decorations. Good luck at the festival.

    I made an ipad case and closed it with a half-inch diameter snap fastener. On the flap, as I stitched one half of the snap fastener on the underside, I simultaneously stitched a decorative, 4 hole button on the top – the thread passed through the button, felt and snap fastener, giving a firm hold. On the bag side, I stitched the other half of the snap fastener, stitching through the cotton lining to give it strength. Providing your stitching is neat the reverse side doesn’t notice when the bag is in use because it’s not at the top.

  2. They’re really nice, Ann, the orange is gorgeous 🙂
    I’d probably do a yarn loop and button, but I like the way yarns or ribbons wrapped around buttons look too.
    Velcro is a pain, it’s too strong and gets ripped off.

  3. Thanks Zed. I don’t know why they can’t sell nice velcro. I have had soft cloth backed stuff on things I have bought but you cant buy it. It is always the really stiff plastic backed stuff that is impossible to sew nicely. not sure about snaps after thinking people might damage their iPad screen pressing it shut. its to bad snaps was a good idea.

  4. I quite like the magnetic snaps, you don’t have to press to close them. They are available to sew on or to insert using metal lugs which require a very firm foundation and are best applied before finishing the bag. I should think the sew-on ones would suit your purpose.

  5. I hadn’t heard of sew on magnetic closures. I will have to look for some to try.

  6. I used a closure like the kind you use on slacks. It’s a hook and bar. You won’t be able to see it on the front once it’s closed. You can buy them at the fabric store. I love the colors and I don’t think they are boring. Take some photos at your sale so we can see your set up!

  7. Thanks Ruth, I will see if they have some of those closures here. We only have one fabric store these days. They have all closed:O( I plan to take some pictures.

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