I was looking through my photo albums and flickr photostream for some colour inspiration. I ended up with a large folder of photos and thought I’d share a few here:

This was an experimental piece using lots of layers and lots of pieces of prefelt, yarns, curls and coils. It eventually became a placemat and coaster set.

This is a close up of a very early piece of felt I made when I had a limited amount of colours.

This was part of the layout for a piece of felt for a notebook cover

Trying out new colour blends. I usually blend my own colours and add in other fibres that I like, but when I saw some colourful blends on World of Wool’s site, I thought I’d give them a go. They’re really nice and I re-order. I made two purses from this piece.

A very texturey needlefelted piece, made from hand dyed alpaca, coarse wools and wool locks.

Another piece using prefelts and coils. One thing I learned from my first piece was to add all the ‘extras’ equally over the piece for equal shrinkage. This was a placemat and coaster set for my girlfriend.

An experimental texture piece using lots of different fibres like silk, silk carrier rods, dyed scrim, dyed locks, bamboo tops, silk scraps.

Do you have an inspiration folder? Do you ever look back over old work and rework ideas?

6 thoughts on “Colour

  1. Wonderful color inspiration! I do look back at old work but I never seem to have enough time to rework ideas. But perhaps I get info stored in my brain again so that I can add that knowledge to the next piece of felt. I love the layout for the notebook cover.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      Looking back at older photos gave me some ideas for more basic use of colour which I’ve ‘advanced’ from since then after practising blending and being more subtle.

  2. I love your colour combos especially that in the penultimate photo. I’ll have to have a look at WofW – the blue, orange and red looks fab.

    I have an inspiration folder but I also have ‘the box’ where all the ‘accidents’ are stored and it’s surprising how inspiring that can be …….. once I stop cringeing.

    1. Thanks Lyn 🙂
      i think the blends from WoW were blaze, passion, orion and tranquil.
      I did a bit of cringeing at some of my old ones, expecially ones where I’d tried to add too much at once-never worked, always looked gaudy and tacky, I think they all ended up cut up for collage or reworked 🙂

  3. The colour combinations are great. i have been tempted by the WOW blends and to do a custom blend.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      I keep looking at the custom blend page too 🙂

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