A Few Felt Samples

A Few Felt Samples

I haven’t been doing much that is interesting to look at lately. Everything is white and is waiting for the dye pot.  I thought I would show you some samples a made a little while ago. The first 2  are purple merino with some silk strips on them. I thought they came out nicely with lots of texture.

Purple wool with strips of silk before felting
Purple samples after felting

The second is orange merino with some silk and curls on it, here I wanted to felt the curls right into the background. I also wanted to see how it would stick if I put it over the silk. I really like the way the little blob of curls all became one with nice texture. The curls going across the silk stuck down very well. Enough wool migrated through the silk to grab the courser wool of the curls.

Orange wool with silk and curls before felting
Orange sample after felting

This last set I wanted the curls to be attached at the base and left loose and hanging for the rest of their length. I use a small piece of scrap floor underlay with a hole in it so the wouldn’t stick down. It worked very well. I am not sure how I ended up with one really long curl.

Small samples with curls with their resists on before felting
Small samples with curls after felting.

I am not sure what I am gong to do with these. I might make some buttons or hair clips. Do you have any ideas?

10 thoughts on “A Few Felt Samples

    1. I fluffed out the ends where they are attached. On the orange one I did put fibers over the attachment point and on the purple one I didn’t. On the purple one some of the fibers migrated right through to the other side. I haven’t yet figured out why sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. The curls and the wool are the same in both samples and they were felted together.

  1. Great experiments Ann! I think the hair clip idea is a good one or they could be used as accents on bigger pieces like a bag. Nice to know that the curls stuck over the silk.

    1. Thanks Ruth. I think hair clips will work for the nuno pieces I can cut them and glue them onto existing clips.

  2. That is interesting – I would have thought that the curls might resist felting in over the silk.

    If the small samples were mine, I would put them in my serendipity box. Sooner or later they will be ideal for something!

  3. It’s funny they almost seem to have felted in more over the silk. they will probably sit around for a while yet.

  4. The I like both Ruth’s and Lyn’s suggestions. The orange and purple ones with curls would make a good feature on a bag flap. I’d probably end up putting them in my box until I needed a piece just like them for something 🙂
    What kind of silk did you use with the curls underneath? I just made a mosaic piece using chiffon under ponge 5. If the silk is fine enough, it seems merino can migrate through about 3 layers of silk well enough.

    1. It is Silk Habotai, 5mm,they are off cuts from other projects. I baught a bolt last year. I’ve done 2 layers of this with no problem.

  5. Interesting samples, I like the ones with the free curls, and adore the strong purple of the top sample.

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