More Dryer Felt and Easter Eggs

More Dryer Felt and Easter Eggs

As you know I wasn’t very happy with the dryer felt I did last week but I thought I would try some nunofelt. This went much better. I made this piece called snowy night.

Snowy Night

I used fine merino on a silk chiffon. It was inspired by the snow falling outside my window the other night. I had tried this before without being all that happy. I use plastic top and bottom as recommended but didn’t like it. I went back to using my sheer curtains. I did rub it on the back for about 5 min. There wasn’t a lot of wool on this one. I rolled it up around a damp towel an then wrapped another one around it , tied it up and tossed it in the dryer with no heat for 20 min. when I rook it out is was attached somewhat to the sheer. When I roll by hand this happens too. I carefully peeled it off . I though it was done really well and ready to full. For some reason I though I would roll it up the other way and give it more time in the dryer to be sure. I  opened the dryer to find everything had come undone and was in a pile. When I untangled everything I found the scarf was completely fulled and very close to dry. I need ironing but I havn’t done that yet.

Felt Easter Eggs

I made these Easter eggs the other night. I will be teaching an Easter egg class at Just knitting in Carleton Place, Ontario. If your close why not join in.

9 thoughts on “More Dryer Felt and Easter Eggs

  1. Thanks Lyn. The night was beautiful here there had been snow earlier and everything was freshly covered then we started to get the giant fluffy slow show flakes. It is always magical. I should have said the scarf is about 6 feet long. I just couldn’t get a good shot of the whole thing.

  2. Sorry Ann, I didn’t realise that the piece was already a scarf (the photo only shows a bit of it) – I’ll bet it looks lovely for real.

    Photographing whole scarves is really tricky. Nicole (Parvana) does it well using a dummy and a plain white background.

  3. The eggs are lovely, Ann 🙂
    I’m glad the experiment went better this time. I have trouble taking photos of just medium sized pieces, I have to stand on a chair 🙂

  4. Taking good pictures especially in a hurry is always a problem. I have a friend that did a lot of pictures for me but now I need to get enough new ones done to make it worth while borrowing a good mannequin and setting up. I need to make a good cover for my old mannequins. They are all have worn out covers. i can sew but not really well.

    1. Could you buy a small, cheap black top to fit over them? Like a turtle neck or something?

  5. i have a little black dress for one of them. I am looking for some turtle necks for them. I hope to get them cheep now its the end of the season. I would like to have skin tone white and black so it can switch them to what ever works best.

  6. The scarf looks really pretty Ann and soft, those easter eggs are gorgeous and i think that will be a fun class to teach 🙂

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