Busy Times

Busy Times

Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a couple of weeks, we’ve been very busy with Family and friend commitments, weddings, engagements and 50th birthdays.  I’m so glad its all over now and we can get back to normality, plus I’m partied out and pooped lol

The only thing I’ve been able to keep up with is the weekly TAST and I don’t want to get behind in that as it’ll end up being a lot to make up for.

I am behind in my course with Victoria but as its an online course this one is able to be done at leisure and I’ll always have it, which is great. This time  we had to do some pages in a book and as I’m not a really big fan of altered books I’ve used some pages just to play and i’ve used  calico and a couple of canvas’s.  The pages are so far done using acrylic paints, pressed flowers and stamps made from leaves, you can see that I’m not very good at the stamping bits lol  But I am still having fun so that’s the main things

The next one is on canvas and using water color pencils and painting with coffee, of all things, lucky I bought a jar that we really don’t like so I’ll keep that for this use.  I still have a lot of stitching to do on this but at least its a start.

I do prefer to work on calico so this is my tree. This is done using acrylic paints and coffee again. Victoria uses memory thread which I don’t have ( YET) so  for the main area of the tree I used the 6 strands of thread and the rest is using 3 strands, I still have a fair bit to do on this as it needs flowers, bugs and spiders. The foliage is her thread salad stitch which I really like and can be used for a lot of fill in work and more foliage.


Then to go completely off topic ( sorry) I wanted to show you the Smoker that my Hubby made for the 50th birthday present. It works like a charm and our friend loved it.  Darren loved making it so much he now wants to get into some Blacksmithing and his brother is a true artist in this field. If you ever see the new movie I Frankenstien  then look out for the shackles and cuffs as  they were made by my very talented brother in-law , who by the way suffers from MS and he keep himself very busy forging and creating all kinds of art work and engraving.


And last but by no means least is my gorgeous Granddaughter Charlie, we’ve been helping out while mum does a little part time job that she loves. She’s such a little sweetheart, at 7 weeks old she’s  full of smiles and a very contented baby. Were all so in love xo


So till next time Happy Felting and Stitching or whatever it is you love to do xo

7 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. Is that stitching on the tree trunk, Kaz? That looks really good 🙂 Please don’t post an update with the spiders added 🙂
    What’s memory thread?
    Charlie is gorgeous 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed and yes thats stitching and i hate spiders to but a stitched one wont hurt us i promise lol Memory thread is from DMC and its a thread coated really fine wire that you can bend and either glue or couch down on your work, it can be used on paper, material or on anything i believe. I will get me some soon 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun class and I am with you on the altered books. I just don’t get it. the smoker looks like something my hubby would like too. and Charlie is adorable of course. The memory thread sounds interesting. I heard something about heat shrink thread too. Wonder if you will get to play with that too.

    1. Thanks Ann You’ll have to get hubby to make his own smoker, they are great.  I’m going to order some of the memory thread and have a play but i havent heard of the heat shrink one, i’ll definitely have to look that up lol    

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  3. Charlie is beautiful! I went all gooey looking at her little face.

    I love the tree and the thread salad makes brilliant foliage.

    Does the painting with coffee have a bit of a stink? I remember making faux old maps by staining paper with coffee and they never smelled very pleasant.

    1.   lol Thanks Lyn, i go all goey over her to.  Oh yes the coffee does smell like coffee but since its one of my favorite drinks i actually like it lol 

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