I’ve been spinning a little in the past month

I’ve been spinning a little in the past month

You know how when you get excited about one hobby, the other ones get left behind? Well, for some reason I’ve been bitten by the spinning bug in the last month, and I’ve a few skeins to show for.

Let’s start with the green-blues.

Four skeins of hand spun yarns by Eleanor Shadow

The big green skein was spun using some Leicester Longwool locks I dyed for this purpose, since I wanted to make a super Halloween-y textured art yarn; I plied it with some commercial yarn (also dyed by me) that I had to over twist in my wheel so it would un-twist as I paired it with the textured ply.

The smallest skein is baby llama, my very first time spinning such a fibre. I’m a fan! I’d love to spin more of this in the future. It’s very soft and warm.

To the right there’s a fun Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and bio-nylon yarn that I tested for my own shop (got to know what I’m selling, right?) and I can say I love this fibre combination. The BFL is very soft and lofty, and the bio-nylon increases the strength of the wool without harming the environment since it’s as fully compostable as the natural animal fibre. I’d have no problems knitting some socks using this yarn.

At the bottom, a rather fun jewel tones Shetland and Tussah silk combo (70/30) that just glided off my hands effortlessly.

But wait, there’s more!

I was perusing World of Wool’s website a while back and came across their taster package in shades of pink, and was tempted. Each resulting mini skein is 25g and very squishy.

Six hand spun mini skeins in different shades of pink and in different fibre combinations

From left to right: merino and nylon sparkle; merino and silk; merino; wool and viscose; merino, alpaca and mohair; merino and bamboo.

My favourite to spin was the (mysterious) wool and viscose. Those tweedy bits kept me very engaged and wanting to keep treadling! The merino/alpaca/mohair blend to its right was also rather lovely. Although these all came from the same pack, I don’t feel the shades complement each other too well, so I might not try to add them to the same project in the future.

You’d think I’d be done by now, but… there’s more.

Three hand spun yarns by Eleanor Shadow

If my goth self in my 20s would’ve guessed I’d be spinning this much pink, I’d be appalled! But yes, those colours were all my choice. The pink of the left was a particularly bouncy merino and soy fibre combo, the middle one is a merino/alpaca/camel/silk blend (40/20/20/20) and the right skein is anyone’s guess (it’s a mix and match of several different wool nests a friend gave me to spin that I decided to merge together. I wish I had a jumper quantity of this!)


A merino hand spun skein in jewel tones by Eleanor Shadow

I dug into my own shop’s stash for this one. The colours were super well defined in the fibre braid, but I decided to spin them in a way that would blend everything and I don’t regret it one bit. This would knit up rather nicely, I’d say. If my knitting mojo comes back anytime soon I might give it a try…

There’s actually one more skein, but it’s a white one and it didn’t photograph well…

So, do you think my wheel was busy, or do any of you spin more in any given month? Let me know below.

26 thoughts on “I’ve been spinning a little in the past month

  1. Very intersting ! This is the first time I hear about bio-nylon. What is it and how sustainable is it ? What’s the difference with standard nylon?

  2. Leonor, your wheel must be asking for time off for good behaviour at this point. You have been super busy and each one is beautiful. I agree with you on the jumper quantity issue, it would make a fabulous one. All others are gorgeous but I particularly love the blue/green combos. Trouble is I would collect them to stare and admire (like an art piece) and not use it (it would be in my too good to use drawer along with my beautiful silks – I really have to get past this).
    H x

    1. I know what you mean, Helene! I too struggle a bit with using my hand spun yarns, but once I remember I can make more and how much fun I had knitting with them before, I jump right in – the step before knitting is now the hardest for me, choosing a pattern!

  3. Lovely spinning. My favourites are the 3 skeins which include the merino/soy fibre, and the merino/alpaca/camel/silk blend. That’s only because there’s little or no “barber pole” effect in these, which I’m not really a fan of. I love the colours you’ve achieved with your dyeing.
    It’s so long since I did any spinning that I really can’t remember how! I did have a go a few years ago when I needed particular coloured yarns for one of my pictures and it was really difficult. I refuse to get rid of my Wee Peggy wheel though, as I’m bound to need it as soon as I do.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂 I didn’t use to like barber pole on my yarns either, but then I realised they actually look better to my eyes (once knitted) than the yarns where I’ve kept the colours separate… Now I remind myself what the end result is and take on the barber pole with gusto!
      I’m sorry you had a hard time with your spinning. Maybe a little refresher session with a knowledgeable spinner might spark the joy again?…

    1. Thanks, Marie! I loved that you called my colours marshmallow, since my cat Marshmallow was on my lap as I wrote the post (and sometimes even when I was spinning those yarns!) 🙂

  4. One busy lady with a smoking wheel to boot!
    Love the colour combos particularly the bottom blue/green & the right blue/green, and the right multi pink & not forgetting your shop stash blue….they’d all stick to my fingers!
    Like Heléne – they’d all be in the ‘i can’t bear to unravel/use them’ pile, being their own works of art.

    It seems you are finally joining the rest of us – being seduced by another avenue of fibre manipulation….and gathering all the supplies to accompany said activity 🤪

    1. Haha, that wheel probably needs some oiling by now!

      I’ve honestly no idea what to make with some of the yarns, but I’d love to try to replicate the one with all the neons, it’d make such a fun jumper… 🤪

      My next avenue of fibre manipulation would be to make a garment from a fleece I washed myself, then processed and spun, then knitted. Alas, there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the stuff I want to try! Maybe later…

    2. You were up late!
      As my cousin says….having an ‘I want to achieve’ list keeps us getting up each day! 🤪

    3. I was up late indeed! Husband was traveling in a few hours and I was nervous… He’s arrived safely, so I might have a compensatory nap later!

      It’s a “Could Do” list, which we know we’ll never finish… I truly believe one of life’s big lessons is to learn to be alright with never ending it, but always trying!

  5. Wow Leonor, you have been busy!!! I particularly love that wee skein of baby llama. I think I’m becoming obsessed with llamas, alpacas and camels as I was actually dreaming about them last night! Should I be worried lol? 🤔🤣 My Crafting enthusiasm has gone through the roof, it kept me awake in 5am the other night because I could switch off from planning ideas!!!

    I love all your skeins, id love to see what you do with the mysterious tweedy wool. Please come back and show us how they all knit up?

    Lisa 😊

    1. You say busy, I say obsessed 🤪

      The baby llama skein feels magnificent. I’m only sorry it’s 50g instead of 100g, because the limits what it can become…

      Camelids are adorable (their eyes!!!) and I see nothing wrong with dreaming about them! Keeps the brain fluffy 🤣
      I hope that planning was fruitful and you have lots to make 😀

      You know what? I might do a giveaway for the 25g set of skeins, I’m still thinking about that… or I might knit it all myself, who knows? So many ideas, so little time 🤪

      Thanks for reading, Lisa!

  6. Stunning work Leonor, great colours and I’m so glad there is another spinner who is a fan of silk blends. They are my absolute favourite as any of friends here know.

    1. Thanks for reading! Have you tried soy, milk or rose blends? They feel just like silk. My brain is always baffled that I’m spinning something that I’d normally only eat/drink/sniff 😀

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