Felted Bird House ( sort of)class

Felted Bird House ( sort of)class

This last weekend I taught a Felted Birdhouse Class. A group of ladies and one daughter.  We were at one of the lady’s houses, working outside and the setting was lovely and the weather was very cooperative.

Here are all the embellishment fibres set up on the deck.

And here they all are working away on laying out the fibres for their birdhouses. although some wanted bird feeders and some thought a plant might go well in one. That is why it is only a sort of birdhouse class. everyone chose a gourd except we morphed one into a teardrop shape.

They had lots of fun deciding on embellishment fibres and adding them to their pieces


This one looks sort of dull but it is the green Merino and multi-coloured tribal nylon mix from the world of wool.

This one was all silk I think.

This one is sari silk waste

This was just the beginning it had lots of stuff on it in the end. You will see it later.

This one had lots of the sparkly triloble nylon.

Then of course there was the rubbing and rolling

And then the scrunching and throwing to get it well filled.

Here everyone is with their finished pieces.  They have balloons inside to help them have a good shape when dry. You will notice one was cut in half to become 2 plant holders but the one half is looking very much like a hat.

I got sent a couple of pictures of what they looked like now they are dry. I was right it did look a lot like a hat. the class was Sunday and today is Tuesday( Wednesday when this goes up)  so not much time for them to get me pictures. If I get more I will edit them in.

It was a fantastic warm September day and a great way to spend it.

17 thoughts on “Felted Bird House ( sort of)class

  1. Love them all but can soooo see the green 2 piece one as a hanging planter with the pointy piece suspended below the bowl! Awesome work and it looks like everyone had a ball!

  2. What a good reason for people to get together and have fun on a glorious autumn day. It never fails to impress how, even with the same starting point, creatives end up with such different pieces 🙂

    1. I so love all the “birdhouses.” Wet felting is so versatile!

      I’ve avoided felting a birdhouse thinking mildew would be such an issue. Even on a sun porch. No? P.S., So glad it’s autumn somewhere!

    2. Thanks Barbara, wool is quite mildew resistant. having it out were a breeze and or the sun can help dry it if it gets wet is a good idea. but you can wash them if the get mucky. If you need to clean it out I would slit the back and then sew it up again.

  3. That looks like it might have been fun for everyone. I like the blue one with the dangly bits, it looks a bit more organic than the others and will give baby birds something to hang onto if they slip when first leaving the nest to fly. The pumpkin is obviously pleased with its new hat too!

  4. Looks like they all had fun and created great “birdhouses”. Teaching in such a lovely setting is fantastic especially if the weather cooperates.

  5. Thank you. That looked like so much fun for everyone, and they all made beautiful items. The pumpkin hat is brilliant.
    Will these bird houses/feeders survive outside – the ones made for that purpose?

    1. It does make a great hat. My mother in law had one as a feeder outside year round for 3 or 4 years . It faded in the sun but other wise was fine when we took it down to move the fence.

  6. Wow – outside felting workshop….great results in addition to the fun that must have been enjoyed by everyone.

    The venue was perfect & soooo many tables too!

    I like the mum and daughter results, particularly the daughter’s blue birdhouse with the dangly bits.

  7. That looks such a fun day and great results! I always envy folk who get to felt outdoors. Even though I live in the centre of town there’s always too much breeze to lay out fibres. Even on the calmest of days, as soon as my fibre comes out there’s a draft!

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