Framed Artwork

Framed Artwork

Many people ask me to show my artwork after it is framed. So that’s what I am sharing today. This post will be short but since I wrote an extra post, I thought that would be okay.

Textile artwork of autumn landscape with birch trees and falling leaves.

Calling Down from the Branches – 23″ x 34″

Textile artwork of summer landscape with grove of birch trees.

Thick with Green – 8″ x 12″

Textile artwork of winter landscape with birch trees and red twig dogwood.

Winter Colors – 13″ x 16.5″

These are all framed with a simple black wooden frame. I don’t use glass as I like the texture to be visible. If people ask about cleaning the artwork, I suggest using canned air and to avoid hanging them in the sunlight.

All of these pieces are going to 4 Ravens Gallery in Missoula, MT. You can see the prices of each piece on my personal website Ruth Lane Art. If you’re interested in making a purchase, please call the gallery or use my Contact Us form.

23 thoughts on “Framed Artwork

  1. They look wonderful, Ruth. You’ve chosen your backing colours really well. Winter Colours is my favourite.

  2. You must be pleased that your works are now framed, and beautifully so, and off to the gallery. I hope they soon find their forever homes.

    My favourite is still Winter Colours.

  3. Thank you for showing your completed artworks Ruth. So lovely. I think you have a great feel for trees. Beautiful.

  4. All three are fabulous Ruth and I love the way you have picked out the colour for the background fabric. I will have a read of your previous post too.

    Can I ask a quick question about sizing. Do you plan your works to fit specific sized frames to avoid having to have custom made ones? I am finding myself with non standard sized pieces and I think if I put a little more thought into them from the get go I might be able to control costs better.

    These are all going to sell fast Ruth. I can visualise them all with dedicated spotlights hanging in their forever homes.
    Helene x

    1. Thanks Helene, I do not plan specific sizes. I find that a bit constraining when I’m working on a piece. Yes, it would be more economical to always make the same size but I don’t. I have most of my pieces custom framed. I have a framer that is really good and gives me decent prices. I add the price of the frame into my retail prices. I have also found that a variety of sizes offered for sale is good. People who love a bigger piece but can’t afford it often buy a smaller sized piece instead.

    2. Firstly of all, I’m relieved that you don’t plan specific sizes Ruth. I do like the idea of just going wherever a piece takes me and I will deal with the consequences with regard to presentation afterwards. You are so fortunate to have a decent framer close by. My experience was tarnished by one particular framer who, knowing I was moving house (out of the area and country in that instance) ‘lost’ my art piece. It was only when I threatened to protest outside the shop (at that point I was an 8 months pregnant large mum to be on a mission) that she suddenly located the lost piece.

      It’s an excellent strategy, offering to different size budgets. I am sure these three beauties will fly off the wall of the gallery.

    3. I know what you mean about “losing” a piece. That happened with a gallery where I had my work. Needless to say, I don’t have my work there anymore because they accused me of never bringing the piece in and that it was my fault. Long story short, I got my money from the piece that had sold but was never paid to me after much anguish and consternation.

    4. I’m guessing from this that we probably all have our horror stories. Onwards and upwards!

  5. I had a similar problem over one of my pictures and the gallery/craft shop owners having lost it. Everything had been taken down and stored because the building was being redecorated. Then they couldn’t find it and kept saying they would look for it. Then I was told that it had been sold and I was paid double the price. I think they may have damaged it while trying to store it or retrieve it from storage, hence having “sold” it and the inflated price.
    As to a favourite amongst your pictures Ruth, I can’t choose. I love them all and they are enhanced by the narrow black frames and the individual backing fabrics.

    1. Thanks Ann! Galleries should have a better system of keeping artwork safe. Some are much better than others. At least you got paid more that what you were asking.

  6. Lovely job! Amazing how different the trees look in each piece. The framing is nicely done. Sets off the piece without detracting from them.

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