Now the branch is finished too

Now the branch is finished too

So sliding in on a cloud of dust I have the branch finished just as the quarter runs out. I know we don’t have to get it done in a specific time but it is nice to get it done in the quarter the challenge is posted.

Last time I had all the flowers made.

After looking at it and especially seeing it in a photo I decided the larger flowers at the bottom of the flowers should have yellow centres. So I added them. I used mostly french knots with 2 threads. The single french knots are smaller than the colonial knots. The Yellow stands out more in the photo than in real life.



hanging flowers made of felt and french knots .hanging flowers made of felt and french knots, close up

It still looked pretty sparse so I decided leaf buds would help. I looked them up online. It was best to look up flowering trees and look at the buds in the background. It didn’t seem to matter the kind of tree the leaf buds looked pretty much the same. I made all the leaf buds at the same time so I would get them about the same size. It didn’t take long and I only poked myself a few times. That’s the problem of working small.

first I had to make the green I wanted. I had Christmas green, lime green and a very yellow-green. I mixed them with a couple of dog brushes.

I made 2 at a time. Then cut them in half and finished shaping them while holding them. I poked myself working on the pad not in my hand and I know Jan will tell me she just gave me a tool so I wouldn’t do that. But I forgot until after I poked myself, naturally.

making a needle felt leaf pile of felted leaves

I fiddled around placing them. and felted them down…… without poking myself.

placing felted leaves on the branch

leaves felted down


I had originally thought I would add a bit of brown near the base of the buds but I didn’t like it and pulled them off.

adding brown to the base of the leaves.

I am quite pleased with the finished branch. Now I need to steam it a bit, to block it square. The dent on the left is really bugging me.

14 thoughts on “Now the branch is finished too

  1. It looks great Ann – and no red bits on the buds! I like the yellow additions to the flowers, now the finished branch looks really effective.
    (When I was needle felting there seemed to be a permanent blue cloud hanging over our house because of the expletives when I poked myself. The atmosphere’s a bit better now I’ve learned not to poke when I’m not concentrating properly, but woe betide anyone who interrupts me at the wrong time.)
    I’m looking forward to seeing what Lyn and Annie come up with for the third quarter.

    1. Thanks Ann. Oh yes some choice words were spoken and ye it was when I wasn’t paying attention properly. I am planning a summer tree but I am looking forward the the second part of the challenge.

  2. It’s beautiful! Adding the green leaf buds was inspired – it really lifts the colours in the flowers – and going for wonky flowers was the right decision 🙂

  3. Wonderful representation of spring Ann! The yellow addition really improved the look of the flowers and the leaf buds are perfect. Love the final result.

  4. You have made a beautiful spring picture Ann, so lovely and fresh. I really love it, it just needs a frame now – when you are happy with the dent of course.

  5. Love your spring picture even if it did slide in on a dust cloud!
    The yellow has given the flowers, which are full of movement, a vibrancy complimented by the green only leaf buds.

    I hope you will show us when it is finally framed.

  6. Gorgeous, Ann. The yellow and the leaves have finished it beautifully. I’ve found I can pull out dents when steam ironing: iron the place and give it a tug with the tips of your fingers. It’s the kind of thing that bothers you way more than other people looking at it anyway.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I have a steam iron and a steamer so it should pull right out. The steamer is great for hat blocking and much easier than an iron for long scarves. Ye I know it mugs me more than others. It wouldn’t bother me on someone elses piece. Its always the way with our own work, we are much fussier.

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