The members of this forum are scattered around the world and it would be fun to see a little about where we all live.

This challenge is to portray something that’s special about your home city/town/village – in whatever fibre medium you choose.

Unfortunately Annie and I couldn’t recall making anything that we can give as an example for this challenge! However, we did make this picture of a Finger Post, and had we been inhabitants of Lands End in Cornwall it would certainly fit the challenge!

There is also a ‘tree challenge’ running throughout this year.  It’s really simple – just find a tree that you like and depict it as it looks in this quarter – it can be realistic or representational.

Please share your make on The Felting and Fiber Forum / Studio Challenges and perhaps write a few words about it.

You can submit photos here: https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/community-photo-submissions/

9 thoughts on “2023 THIRD QUARTER CHALLENGE

  1. This is going to require a good think on my part, and I better get on it now! When we moved to our area, 25 years ago, we were surrounded by quaint family farms and nice open spaces. We were then called a “township.” Now, the farms are gone, and the big city has encroached; with close homes, multi story senior housing, and strip-malls for shopping. 🙄

    Not sure I’m ready to admit being curmudgeonly yet! 🥲


  2. Finger post! thats fabulous! how discriptive!!! much better than sign. i have to think about this a bit too. i think the gatinow hills mite work, the nice forest 3 house east of us has disapeard to make teh transit way but i think the big oak is still there. there was always the hughe flights of canada geese migration, they folowed green bank road to the river. but with the climet being warmer more are staying on the ottawa river overwinter. or moveing to the redow river if it gets too frozen. so many project ideas so little time and at the moment so little space to felt. Thanks for running the challange!!!

    1. Yes, finger post is a good name for it – kinda like when someone asks directions and you point the way with your finger 🙂
      With this challenge there are so many possibilities for everyone!

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