Second quarter challenge flowers finished

Second quarter challenge flowers finished

I have finished my flowers but I don’t think I am finished with the picture.

The last time I had gotten this far

felted flower back grounds


I started adding flowers, thinking that the branch end would be the last to open, I started with a darker colour and fewer threads to make buds. I made smallish french knots.

adding french knots to felted flowers


Next, I went to a lighter shade of pink and a few more strands for the next size-up flower buds

adding french knots to felted flowers adding french knots to felted flowers


For the next group, I used my final pink colour but added in a few strands of the darker colour. I should have probably used half and half because the darker pink didn’t show up as much as I hoped. I did these at home so you got 4 progress pictures.

2 colours of embroidery thread

adding french knots to felted flowers adding french knots to felted flowers adding french knots to felted flowers

Today while I was at the market, I finished, with the lighter pink being for the bigger flowers. I decided to try colonial knots instead of french knots. I am not sure I wrapped them all the right way band I added some extra wraps around the needle to bulk them up a bit.

adding french knots to felted flowers adding french knots to felted flowers

I liked the way they turned out. I am thinking maybe I should add a little bit of yellow to the middle of the bigger flowers to make them look more open. I also think adding some green flower buds might be a good idea too. So that is next, and hopefully, I will make it before the end of June.

And now just because they are cute, the 2 ducklings that visited our booth this morning. they belong to the Farm and were out for a walk with their youngest.

Two baby ducklings


22 thoughts on “Second quarter challenge flowers finished

  1. These are really beautiful, Ann. You’ve done a great job: they look very lifelike. I like your plans for a little yellow and some green buds too. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Oh yes, I like these flowers. I think you had just the right amount of the darker pink showing amongst the lighter flowers. I agree that yellow centres in the open flowers and some greeny-pink buds would be good too.
    I love the ducklings, they look like they might like a cuddle.
    Looking forward to your next step.

  3. What a lovely photo of the duckllngs 🙂

    The flowers are looking good – the colonial knots are very effective – and your idea of adding the yellow and green should work well. Looking forward to seeing the flowers finished.

  4. Your flowers are coming along nicely Ann. I like the gradation of color and think that adding a bit of yellow and green would help to finish off the picture. It’s amazing that we are already at the end of the second quarter, isn’t it?

    I love the little ducks, they are so cute.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I think the branch looks a little sparse at the moment. It is hard to think it is almost the end of June. We finish school her on the 28th.

  5. Love your colour gradation Ann, and as all above the hint of yellow & green will be the icing on the cake!

    Looking forward to your next instalment.

    Oh the ducklings – so cute especially with the black spots on their heads!

  6. Beautiful, I love your flowers. They remind me of wisteria moving in the breeze. I love your colour choices too, and look forward to seeing the next phase if you decide it is not finished. Gorgeous ducklings

  7. Love the delicacy of the flowers Ann and the colours. It’s a really pretty scene. I must check out how to do the colonial knot. Looking forward to seeing the additions you mentioned.

    As for the little ducklings ……… off the Richter scale on cuteness!
    Helene x

  8. Ann, I love your narrative as much as your stitches! I’m wondering the difference between a French knot and a Colonial knot?

    1. Thanks for that link Ann, I hadn’t heard of colonial knot before and it looks a lot easier than the french one. It always takes me ages to get right every time I go back to do one.

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