Tree Branch Progress and Shopping.

Tree Branch Progress and Shopping.

I have moved forward a little on my tree limb. I decided to go with a grey sky as a background so that I had more choice with colour.

                          felted grey background for a picture

I added a branch in brown It isn’t as flat a brown as it looks in the picture but I think I need to add a different brown to it.  I will work on that.

                           felted branch picture

Then I sketched the branch to think about colours. I decided on an orange central vein. That is probably not the right name for it but it is what I can think of to call it. Then a purple fuzzy haze with flowers in it. and some idea of budding leaves.


So far people here like the pink ones. I am not sure. Which ones do you like?

After searching my stash for another brown to go with my branch I had nothing. So it was good timing that there was a fibre event near me called For the Love Of Fibre. This is its second year.

I was looking for brown but it seems I turned the wrong way went in and ended up in Top of the Whorl Spindles She had no brown wool but she had these amazing sample boxes that are just the right size for me.

fall coloured rollags in a box         Fall coloured rollags in a box

spring coloured rollags in a box        spring coloured rollags

I wandered around and stopped at the Black Lamb   They have lots of wool but not the right brown so I got a piece of Black Felt (it’s more than prefelt but less than felt) It is thicker than the prefelt or felt you typically see. In the picture, it looks like there are lots of white hairs in it but that is just what it picked up in the stack of prefelt. I think if I run the lint roll over it, it will be good. They also gave me a size 40 spiral needle to try out.

black felt and felting needle

Then after doing a full circuit of the room just to the right of the entrance, there was Farfelu Fibreworks and she had the perfect brown. It is a little darker than it appears in the picture but lighter than the pencil roving in the picture with it.

brown fin wool

It is Finnish wool so I was surprised at how soft it was. I asked her later and it is a lamb fleece.  I asked people at the guild social to guess what it was I got superfine merino, alpaca and angora as guesses. I will have to see how it wet felts as well as needle felting. I think I will be wanting more so naturally she lives on the other side of the province. Oh well, maybe we can get her to come for our guild Sale and Exhibition in November.


11 thoughts on “Tree Branch Progress and Shopping.

  1. The branch is just right with its lovely curvy shape and pink is a good choice for the dangly bits.

    For The Love Of Fibre sounds like an exciting venue – and you got some scrummy stash 🙂

  2. I like that branch shape and the pale sky. I actually think that a mixture of pink flowers and purple flowers looks quiet realistic (even though I think these are fantasy flowers?) It looks as if the flowers start off one colour when they first come out and then get darker (or lighter) as they mature. The variations would probably also give you greater depth.
    Those Top of the Whirl sample boxes have some beautiful rolags in them. So much colour to inspire, I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you do with them. Unfortunately their website is not up and running yet – though perhaps just as well – I should do my own again instead of buying more.
    Your Finnish wool should felt quite well, it has a similar micron count to Blue Faced Leicester, which I believe is good, and a lamb’s fleece will probably have a lower count so be in the same range as some merino fibres.

    1. Thanks Ann, so far pink is the winner, maybe I will try having one colour near the top and going to lighter near the bottom.
      Oh dear, I didn’t realize her site wasn’t up yet. I got the link form the vendor list. I will see if I can find a facebook page and change it out.
      I have used Finnish with good results in the past but the fin I got to make some boots is so different than this lamb wool. I think it should wet felt well too.

  3. I love the shape of your branch, and your background colour too Ann. Your sketch indicates that you will be adding catkins – although not sure if you call them catkins? I think they will look great in a lovely golden honey colour.

    1. Thanks, pussy willows turn into catkins. I don’t know if other flowers that shape are called catkins too, but it makes sense. I think I may have to do some samples to see what colour works best. Most are leaning to pink but I am not sure.

  4. Your spring tree is coming along Ann. A mix of pink and purples would look good. Sounds like the fiber event was a good one and you found what you need. That doesn’t always happen when I am looking for something specific. I’m looking forward to seeing how your tree progresses.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. It was nice to find just what I need. It is amazing how many different shades of a colour there are when you start looking.
      A mix that’s sounds interesting too. I think I will have to do a sample of colours to decide.

  5. Your painting is looking good, the branch seems a lovely shape. For the catkins or whatever they are called, I would go for variegated colours and lighter to darker shades, to give it more realism, but then I can’t really remember the actual tree, so I may be wrong.
    Such good finds you have had from that fibre fair! Great!

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