A sample of flowers and some lambs.

A sample of flowers and some lambs.

After thinking about the flowers for my branch (here’s the last post if you missed it https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2023/05/13/tree-branch-progress-and-shopping/ I decided it would be better to do a sample so the colours could be seen better than in the pencil drawing.

I grabbed an offcut of a fulled sweater to use for the sample. It’s a bit lumpy but it should work for this.  I have already decided I wanted a purple background to the flowers like the hairiness you see around some flowers.

Fulled piece of grey sweater


I thought orange would be the best idea for the central stalk of the flower. I had a lighter and darker orange so I did some of each to see how it looked.


Then it was time to add flowers. Someone on the last blog post said to try gradient colours for the flowers. that sounded like a good idea. I am using embroidery floss the stuff that comes as 6 strands.  I started with a darker colour and smaller knots at the top. Then I added a lighter colour strand and made a little larger knots. Then just the light colour but more strands and bigger flowers.


It’s not the best knot-making. On some, I just couldn’t get the knots to line up in neat rows. It’s probably the stitches of the sweater, you can see it’s fulled up quite lumpy.  I am leaning toward pink. The yellow is nice too.


And now as promised some lamb pictures. We have 3 sets of twins and t singles so far.

Sheep moma and black and white lambs Moma and black twin lambs Momma sheep and black twinsSheep moma and black lamb

Sheep Moma and black lamb

Also last year you might remember that we had a bottle lamb named Storm.

Black bottle lamb in a box black bottle lamb outside in the grass

Here is what he looks like now. He is a messy eater as you can see.

1 year old Black sheep


17 thoughts on “A sample of flowers and some lambs.

  1. Your sheep are well trained – they pose beautifully for the camera – and Storm has grown into a handsome youth.

    The knots not being in neat rows is a good thing but deciding which colour to use is difficult. The blue, pink or yellow would work well.

    1. I don’t know about well trained. At least moms tend to face you ready to defend their lambs so you don’t get the usual but shots. Storm is very friendly and the hard part was getting a picture before he got to close, looking for a hand out.
      I am leaning towards pink.

  2. All those lambs are adorable, though one black one in the 2nd picture and some of the others (who aren’t busy at the milk bar) have got that “watchu lookinat?” expression in their eyes. I love Storm too, what a handsome chap under all that hay.
    As for the colours of the flowers, I think that the darker orange looks good, and I’d use 3 colours in your picture to show flowers just out of bud, flowers in full bloom and flowers overblown and beginning to dye off – so blue, then purple finishing pink or green then yellow, finishing orange. Of course if your flowers actually start opening at the tip and progressively open along the catkin you could do it with three colours on each catkin, rather than all opening at once and all getting overblown, and then

    1. I’ve done it again, I keep pressing return instead of back space when I make a mistake. As I was saying: you could do it with three colours on each catkin, rather than all opening at once, all in full blossom and all getting overblown on one catkin each. More decisions for you, sorry.
      Looking forward to seeing what you finally decide to do.

    2. I do that in texts all them time send half of what I wanted too. Yes I think at least 2 colours and maybe 3 will be best . I am leaning toward pink. lambs always look so cute they are quite curios while being worried you might be a wolf. They have great ears.

  3. Oh your lambs look so innocent & cute & totally photogenic.

    Storm has turned out a fine, if messy, boy.

    Your flowers are great.
    Maybe a little more work for you – but could you use a couple of strands of either 2nd from left or 3rd from right as small background knots with the yellow knots over the top?

    Looking forward to seeing how you continue with your spring picture.

    1. Lambs are very cute. I had to be patient trying to get both looking at me. It is a lot like photographing kids.
      Yes I think I could put a yellow dot in the middle of the bigger flowers to make them look more like open flowers.

  4. What photogenic beauties Ann! As for the gorgeous Storm. I would imagine he has lost his place at the table at this stage. I am curious to know whether he tries to come back inside the house at this stage or his he happy out in the fields.

    Love your experiments. My favourite is the orange and the green. I recently managed to shrink my husband’s jumper, it went from Extra Large to a size that would fit a 4 year old. I was distracted when I pushed the button on the washing machine (my excuse anyway). It may well still have a future….. now where is my scissors!

    1. The lambs are cute and Storm has been beside but separate from the sheep as he is a capable ram. He is very friendly still and I am sure would wander back into the house given the chance. Shrunken sweaters make great bases for felting. the is always a silver lining to these sort of accidents.

  5. As always, I love the lamb photos and Storm has certainly grown up. In regards to flowers, the movement of the blossoms around the stem adds interest. Flowers are never really straight and all in a row. I look forward to seeing what you decide and how they look on your branch.

  6. Love your lambs! The black babies look very cute. I hope they give you nice fleeces.

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