Stitching on Spring Birch Landscape

Stitching on Spring Birch Landscape

My spring birch landscape has been stitched and applied to a backing board so it’s ready to frame. I showed you the first stages of the landscape in this post if you missed it.

Felt landscape of spring birch with free motion machine stitching added.

I added free motion machine stitching to the distant shore. Whenever I start FME on a landscape, I always think that the first few areas where I have stitched look like it’s too much. But I keep going and usually, once more stitching is added, the initial lines don’t feel excessive.

Felt landscape of spring birch with free motion machine stitching added to rocks in foreground.

The next step was to stitch the rocks across from the tree. I considered adding some stitching into the foliage above the rocks but decided to leave it as is.

Felt landscape of spring birch with free motion machine stitching added to tree trunk and branches.

Then on to stitching the tree. I added the dark bits to the trunk and stitching through the felted paper was a breeze, no problems at all either by machine or by hand. The dark branches were added next and then decision time on how to add a few more leaves. I considered needle felting some smaller leaves on the dark branches but then decided I would hand stitch the leaves.

I then hand stitched leaves on to the dark branches using hand dyed lace weight wool thread and detached chain stitch. I added a few bits of grass at the bottom of the trunk as well.

Felt landscape of spring birch stitched to background fabric and wrapped/laced around board ready to frame.

The miracle is that I found a backing fabric, stitched the felt to that and then wrapped/laced the piece around matte board so it’s ready to frame. Since the piece is small (matte size 8″ x 10″), it went quickly and now I have two pieces ready to take to the framers. This piece counts for the year long tree challenge for spring. I have to think about the summer one as it wouldn’t really look different than spring, a few more leaves perhaps?

Nuno felt landscape of winter birch stitched to "matte" fabric and wrapped/laced around board.

The winter birch piece is also ready for framing. I used a darker gray hand dyed fabric for the winter birch as it felt “colder” that way. Now on to the next landscape as the gallery wants me to replace the one that sold last month. (Doing a little happy dance!)

This is the piece that sold called Remembrance. Yay!

18 thoughts on “Stitching on Spring Birch Landscape

  1. I really like this Ruth. The paper tree works really well and the stitching on the rock and shoreline is just enough to bring out what they are without overdoing it. I see the group in the top right corner of the picture as some trees still in winter garb, but they are sufficiently vague to enable the viewer to see other things there. Nice one.

    1. Thanks Ann, I enjoyed making this little piece. Keeping the background vague keeps it in the distance and I love to hear what other’s see in my work.

  2. Thank you for sharing your expertise! I am inspired to continue with my birch tree picture. Yours is beautiful.

  3. The felted paper makes a fabulous trunk and it’s really brought to life with the stitching of the ‘dark bits’. The hand stitched leaves work so well and the completed picture is fresh and full of spring colour – it’s lovely.

    When the spring birch is compared to the winter birch there is such a difference – and we’re sure you’ll figure out a way to do ‘summer’ 🙂

    Congratulations on the sale ! Yay!

    1. Thanks Ladies, the stitching always seems to help the composition. I will have to put on the summer thinking cap.

  4. An interesting combination of media! You have a good eye for right level of addition. Summer could have slightly darker green and a bit of seed details perhaps.

  5. It’s a wonderful piece. Where exactly are you located and do you give classes via the internet or in person?????

    1. Thanks Sylvia, I live in NW Montana, USA. I teach online classes through this website. You can find them on this website under the menu. There are four modules about surface design on felt using mixed media. The next session starts soon.

  6. The paper trunk has worked well & with the addition of your detailing and the chain leaves it really does give the impression of a birch in leaf. Such a contrast to your winter scene.

    I’m sure you’ll be doing more happy dances when these hit the gallery.

  7. This is looking really, really good now and very inspiring Ruth, and how wonderful to have your work of art in a gallery. I can’t even get my pictures to load up on here, maybe its because its a chrome book. Any suggestions would be appreciated. There are so many wonderful works of art that get shared on here and I love exploring how they are achieved.

  8. This pictures remind me of a flip book Ruth. The piece is growing more beautiful with every picture posted. It amazing how stitches can bring so much definition to a specific area, like the rock.
    Congrats on the recent sale. Happy is the new owner who can gaze on such a gorgeous piece of art.

    1. Thanks Helene, it is fun to see how a piece progresses and stitching does add definition in a way that you can’t really do otherwise. The person who bough the piece had been coming in on a regular basis because she liked it so much. She finally decided she would buy it as it made her happy.

  9. Love how your stitching made your birch tree sing! And that that Remembrance piece is stunning. No wonder it sold. Great job.

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