‘Paisley’ Entrance Hall Table Mat

‘Paisley’ Entrance Hall Table Mat

Paisley Patterned felted mat for an entrance hall table

A colourful hall table mat can add a wonderful splash of colour to a neutral scheme – and be somewhere to throw your keys and display flowers from the garden!

To make the paisley mat I first made a paper template …

paper template

… then I made four layers of blue merino wool to make the base of the mat.

4 layers blue merino wool fibres

I changed my mind about the centre of the paisley pattern so I re-worked the template.

Altered paper template

Then I cut around every line on the template before placing it on the wetted down blue fibres.

Paper template placed onto wet merino wool fibres

I used very thin wool yarn to mark the lines on the template, working outwards from the circles and removing the paper as each line was finished.

I put down a fine circle of dry wool fibres then placed a circle of very open weave fabric on top of each one.

circles of dry merino wool fibres covered with circles of open weave fabric

I filled in the tear-drop shape with merino wool, did some outlining with thin black wool yarn, then added some white cotton nepps.

Tear drop shape made with loose merino wool fibres

I also placed white cotton nepps around the edge.  They are lovely but so hard to work with – a lot of patience is needed to persuade them to join with the wool fibres!

Layout complete

I rubbed, not rolled, this mat and after a while I decided that I didn’t like the edge so I trimmed it with a rotary cutter.  The edge healed during the last bit of agitating.

I rubbed mostly on the reverse side with the felt between two pieces of net and the bamboo providing gentle agitation on the underneath (as shown below).

reverse of felt sandwiched between two pieces of net

Finished size is 70 x 33cm (27½” x 13”).

Paisley Patterned felted mat for an entrance hall table

I find that my felt is not as smooth when I’ve rubbed it compared to when I roll it.  In retrospect I realise that I should have rolled the mat.

I’m happy to just agitate wool fibres by rubbing when the piece will be displayed as art work, but for anything else I think rolling produces a better finish.


22 thoughts on “‘Paisley’ Entrance Hall Table Mat

  1. What a bright addition to your hall, good enough to cheer you up when you come home, even on a day of nasty weather. Good clear instructions too Lyn.

  2. You really got some lovely bright colours there, Lyn! I swear I’d think the mat was photoshopped in the last picture if this weren’t coming from you (that’s how bright the colours look to me, too clear to be real, haha)

    I particularly love the textured circles. You talented people are making me want to try wet felting…

    1. Thank you Leonor! Yes, the colours are as bright as in the photo – I don’t do photoshop as I can’t understand it but I do have free-standing photography lights though and that helps a lot 🙂

  3. Wonderful, I love your bright colors and the paisley design came out great. I don’t do much rolling but I usually keep thin plastic over the wool that keeps a smoother texture. It would be a great addition to any household as it’s so cheerful.

  4. Your mat is really lovely, gorgeous pastel colour way too.I love how you have managed to keep the different colours so separate but still connected. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Marie! Perhaps the black outlining helped the colours to keep separate but still connected? I do like using the bright colours though 🙂

  5. This looks brilliant Lyn, I love the bright colours you’ve used too. The way you’ve kept the lines looking so clear takes some doing. I’m really inspired!!!

  6. Wow such a vibrant piece – like Leonor, I thought the opening photo was ‘manipulated’ even collaged! Definitely your colours & will add a zing of colour to your hall, to bring a smile.

    Perfection in detail….first the placement of the yellow wool & then the black. Even the black on the circles, which is not continuous echoing the nepps. Great job.
    Then of course the placement of….the vase 🤪

    1. Thank you Antje! I like to take as best a photo as I can. Some of the process photos are a bit dark but I just snapped away as I worked. However, I took my time with the final photo (using free standing photography lights) to get a true representation. The colours in the photo are what you would see with your own eyes. But a bit of ‘window dressing’ (vase of garden flowers and keys) gives an idea of the mat in use.

  7. What a nice bright piece. just whats needed after a long winter. It looks pretty smooth to me but do you think if you just gave your piece a few rolls at the end it might smooth things out for you?

  8. What a beautiful mat Lyn. It would brighten up any room and the colour choices are super. Great, clear instructions too. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Great job! love your mix of colours. I’m not a fan of nepps and commend you for using them.

    1. Thank you Carlene. Nepps can be awkward to work with but they often provide interesting marks in wet felting – so I persevere. 🙂

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