Spinning with my new Autowind Flyer

Spinning with my new Autowind Flyer

I love to spin yarn.  It is my favourite craft and I generally find it very relaxing.  This year my husband got me this fabulous gift – a custom plate for my car.

Woman holding a license plate that says Spin Yarn
My birthday present this year.

Speaking of gifts… recently a friend offered me a tremendous gift of an autowind flyer from Level Wind Systems.  What a generous gift!  I got a flyer for my Majacraft Rose because that is my go to wheel.

2 Majacraft Rose spinning wheels
Majacraft Rose with bulky flyer on left and Majacraft Rose with Overdrive flyer on right

I actually like my Majacraft Rose so much that I have 2 of them, one where I can use the regular and jumbo bobbins, and a second that has a massive Overdrive bobbin and flyer on it.  The Overdrive wheel is great for plying and for spinning bulky yarns.




The autowind flyer has batteries inside the left flyer arm.  When you switch the unit on, the yarn guide slowly moves up and down the right arm.  This results in the yarn filling the bobbin much more evenly.

This is a photo of the same bobbin.  You can see how the singles form a nice rotating layer on the bobbin.

Spinning using the level wind flyer
Spinning with the level wind flyer

I have spun a few skeins now and have discovered a few things.  When I put the flyer on I need to tighten the flyer onto the mandrel of my Majacraft Rose.  However, when I tightened the flyer enough so that it works properly, it was also impinging on the bobbin which made spinning not very nice.  I had to really crank the brake and there was quite a bit of drag.  To fix this I dug out some Plumbers tape (also called thread seal tape) and wrapped it on the flyer mandrel.  Then I installed the flyer.  The tape helps the flyer make a nice snug connection but also leaves the bobbin free to spin.  This resulted in a much nicer spinning experience.

Thread seal tape
Thread seal tape
Wrapping the thread seal tape on the mandrel of my Majacraft Rose
Wrapping the thread seal tape on the mandrel of my Majacraft Rose








Another thing I discovered after using the thread seal tape was that my bobbin was sitting back past where the flyer could nicely wind on the singles.  This resulted in an empty area at the rear of the bobbin.  The singles were collapsing into the empty area which was not very tidy and could lead to tangles later when plying off the bobbin.

First bobbin with singles not filling the rear of the bobbin properly
The singles are winding on, but the rear of the bobbin is partially empty and the singles are collapsing into the space.

To fix this problem when I started spinning the next bobbin I added a simple felt washer behind the bobbin.

Flyer showing a felt washer added behind the bobbin
Flyer showing a felt washer added behind the bobbin

My current project is a pound of dyed fiber from Adele Forward, an Indie Dyer in Dorset, Ontario, Canada.  Adele posts her dyed roving, locks and yarn on Facebook.  Have a look if you are interested in buying some delicious dyed fiber.

Pile of purple roving
Yummy Superwash Merino dyed by Adele Forward
Bag of fibre showing the label Adele Forward
These 1 pound lots come in nice big bags.








This is my progress after spinning 3 bobbins of the same fibre.  You can see bobbin #1 in the upper right (with the slightly empty section at the top/back of the bobbin), bobbin #2 in the upper left (which was spun with the felt washer) and bobbin #3 on the wheel (again spun with a felt washer in place).

Three bobbins spunI have now moved on to plying.  Because I have 3 bobbins of singles plying is a multi-day job.  It took me about 5 hours to fill the first jumbo bobbin with plied yarn. And here are the bobbins after plying up that first big bobbin. There is still lots of singles left to go into the second skein.

Plied yarn on jumbo bobbin with autowind flyer
Plied yarn on jumbo bobbin with autowind flyer


Lazy kate showing 3 bobbins of singles
Lazy kate showing 3 bobbins of singles







And here we are with the second bobbin done and all the yarn wound into skeins.

Bobbin of plied yarn
Second bobbin of plied yarn
Two skeins of purple plied yarn
Two skeins of purple plied yarn (First skein is on the right)








I have to say I love how quiet and helpful the autowind flyer is.  It is a fabulous tool and I am very appreciative of this awesome gift.





11 thoughts on “Spinning with my new Autowind Flyer

  1. The autowind flyer is a clever bit of kit! Your video shows it well and it must make life a lot easier for you.

    Your car number plate is very apt and cute – we can’t do that in the UK as we have to have official plates front and back.

    Your skeins of purple dyed yarn are very pretty 🙂

    1. Thanks! The custom plates are purchased from the government and are official. They cost a bit more and you are not allowed to use anything offensive. But they can be fun.

  2. Your purple plied yarn looks fab. What are you intending to use it for?

    Great gifts to receive. The fly wheel will much used I’m sure.

    Love your number plate….as mentioned above, we cannot do anything like that here with our system of numbers & letters, although some folk manage to manipulate them to spell something ie SC07 ISH

    1. Generally I spin without a purpose. So everything gets spun, washed and then stacked until I decide to go through the bins and pull out yarns for a project. I have no idea what this one will become. For now it is sitting in the ‘to be washed’ pile.

  3. Great explanation Carlene, with the amount you spin, the jumbo bobbin is essential. Your yarns are always so beautiful. The licence plate suits you.

  4. What a lovely gift for you. I love the license plate too. Your yarn is gorgeous. Do you have something particular in mind for it?

    1. I have no idea what this will become. Though I’m thinking that I would like to work on some more weaving with my handspun. So perhaps it’ll be featured in some woven cloth. I never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do 🙁

  5. I love the licence plate! What a fun gift.

    As for the flier, it sounds very much like the WooLee Winder, except mine doesn’t have a battery, it just moves up and down as I spin. Super useful to make the most of the bobbin’s space!

    That yarn came out super lovely 😀

    1. I have a Woolee Winder for one of my other wheels and the flyer is so noisy. It has a terrible rattle that I have been unable to cure 🙁 This new flyer is so much quieter and that is a huge improvement.

  6. Loved the video Carlene, it was so calming. I know very little about spinning but your yarn is absolutely gorgeous and I adore that particular colour.

    Cool licence plate, a very thoughtful gift.

    1. Thanks. I spin lots of blues and purples as I adore those colours. Sometimes I try to break out of that and buy other colours but it is hard to do.

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