Finally Finished and Playing with Rocks

Finally Finished and Playing with Rocks

I have finally finished my pouch. Yay! I am not sure how big I want the individual spaces in the bag to be so I have just basted the divisions for now. If they are working fine I will sew them in permanently.


Here it is full of things. and some things that didn’t make it in. As you can see it’s not dedicated to one kind of thing. It’s a way to keep all the smallish stuff from filtering down to the bottom of the basket where they are hard to find.



and all rolled up.


Here is the basket. First I put the liner in. It’s a thick, fairly stiff fake silk scarf. I can’t imagine it was nice to wear which is probably why it was in the secondhand clothing store in the first place. It’s great for this job.


Adding everything into and onto the basket.

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There was even room left to add my guild library books when I got back to the house.

I am sure you are all as tired f hearing about the basket organizer as I am so it is now time for something new and more colourful. I have been seeing felted rocks popping up on Facebook a lot. I figured they looked like a pretty obvious and easy thing to make, so I will give it ago. The first one I did use floor underlay resists.  I started with a pebble. I covered it completely in wool.



I cut out a resist a bit bigger than the wool covered pebble and then added the top put the resist on the top of the rock and folded the wool around. then I cut a bigger resist and did it again and marked the top. It was a bit awkward. I should have worked the other way up but where’s the challenge in that. LOL.


It fulled down quite fast.

time to start cutting, I rubbed each cut to heal it before doing the next cuts. I don’t think you can see it but the bottom of each layer is fully attached to the one below it.


I sat it on a green lid to dry, looks really striking there.



That worked quite well. Now for a different way.

For this one, I used plastic wrap to keep the layers separate. I cut a small hole in the underside so the layer would be attached to each other.


wool wrapped pebble


first layer wrapped in plastic


3rd layer

I wrapped the last layer in plastic I just rubbed it and rolled it around in my hands as if I was making a felt ball. I did it longer to make sure the inside layers were felted as well. While wrapping I lost track of the top and bottom. Naturally, I picked the wrong side to mark. I cut the first hole and it was attached to the one below so I kept cutting down to the pebble. I planned to stretch each layer, but with it being quite small there wasn’t much stretch or even room to get anything in between the layers to try and stretch.  so In the end I just fulled it tight around the rock.


Here is how they compared in size before felting


And how they compare with my hand to show the sizes


See Lyn, not felted rocks but felted rocks. Ha Ha Ha :O)

14 thoughts on “Finally Finished and Playing with Rocks

  1. I love the finished Pouch, and the scarf wrap is a good idea too. The little fob sets it all of beautifully.
    The pebbles look good, and what you’ve achieved has given me an idea for something completely different but quite similar! Thank You!

    1. Thanks Ann, I learned about putting a scarf in form Jan who, if I know her, got it form somewhere historical. It does make sure things do not fall out and you can overfill them when needed. I ma glad I have given you an idea. I can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

  2. Lovely work Ann.

    The first word that came to mind regarding your organiser was Tardis. It fits so much you will never have to rummage again 😃 That was before I spotted your slide show featuring your basket. Now THAT is a Tardis. I was actually trying to spot see if the kitchen sink was in there somewhere!

    The stones are really interesting. I saw them on FB too but other than that I hadn’t given them too much thought. Reading your experiments might motivate me to give them a go.

    1. Yes, it is a bit of a Tardis. No kitchen sink, someone might want me to do the dishes.
      The stones were fun and quick to do. Now it’s finding other interesting things to put in the middle. I saw the students making rings were using the coffee pods, really colourful. I may ask on my local buy nothing group if anyone has them.

  3. Oh I see – felted rocks not felted rocks 🙂 LOL. Both methods worked well and the results are quite different. I like both pieces!

    Love the basket! Pretty and practical too. The pouch is a good idea because rummaging around for small stuff is no fun. The pouch was a lot of work but what a fantastic finish.

    1. LOL I am glad you like them. they were fast to make just a bit of fun.
      I think the pouch should work well, If we ever get to go out to meet up with friends or go to a demo again I might fine out. I hope it won’t be to much longer. we are starting to open up here. Slow and steady.

  4. Your pouch worked well and now I realise I need one too. Also enjoyed seeing your wrapped pebble experiment, I can imagine lots of us will be trying that out this week!

  5. Your pouch has turned out so well & is a fitting organiser for your Tardis basket.

    Love your felted rocks and seeing them has added yet more ideas to those already filling up my head. It is the same technique used for my seed pods so I fully understand the not knowing which is top & bottom scenario 🤪

    1. Thanks Antje, I am quite happy with my organizer and the Basket. the rocks were fun. I though the pods must be similar. It’s these ruffles in the middle that are the secret part. though I ma pretty sure I know how they are done. I am glad to help fill your head with ideas.

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