Slow Stitch Update and a Celebration

Slow Stitch Update and a Celebration

The last time I showed you my Autumn Nuno slow stitch piece was back in April and it looked like this:

I have been continuing to stitch on this piece for 15-20 minutes per day. I have been concentrating on the bottom left corner and bottom foreground to fill in the vegetation/foliage in those areas.

Here’s a close up of that area which has the first pass of seed stitch and just needs some of the lighter areas filled in a bit more. I also think I need to evaluate the values once I’m happier with the foreground.

And here’s what the full piece currently looks like. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them. So progress is being made, albeit slowly. I’m still enjoying the daily practice of hand stitching, adds a little zen to my day.

One year ago today, we adopted this little guy from Mission Valley Animal Shelter. His name is Edgar and he was a stray so we don’t know his breed or his age, but he has added so much joy to our lives. I thought you might want to help Edgar celebrate his adoption day and see how he is living his best life.

18 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Update and a Celebration

  1. I am enjoying seeing your stitching progress and I can understand how calming and satisfying it must be.

    Edgar is such a sweetie – look at those eyes – can’t believe it’s been a year since he arrived. With both Edgar and the slow stitching you must be very ‘chilled’ at times.

    1. Thanks Lyn, it’s definitely more satisfying now that it’s closer to being finished.

      It is hard to believe that we have had Edgar for a year now. He’s my best bud ♥️

  2. It’s coming along beautifully Ruth. It’s great to watch it grow.
    I see Edgar is collecting wood for you. He is gorgeous.
    We once adopted a cat from a rescue centre but it took us a week or so to decide to call him Edgar – that was because he sucked up food like a vacuum cleaner (G Edgar Hoover) and it went though quite quickly (Edgar Alan Poe) so he just had to be Edgar, but that changed to Eddie and then Freddie over the years as he gained weight (Fredrigar Bolger from Lord of the Rings – the book not the film) He didn’t seem to care though.
    Looking forward to the next instalment of slow stitching.

    1. Thanks Ann! Glad you like watching the progress. Edgar loves to gather wood. He doesn’t want to give it to you but he tries to get as many sticks in his mouth at once as possible. Edgar, Eddie, Freddie sounds like a good 🐈 cat!

  3. Wow Ruth, this is progressing beautifully. It looks so tactile, while also appearing delicate thanks to the concentration of all your intricate stitching.
    As for Edgar … he’s a doggo who landed on his paw paws. Love his “come hither and play with me” look in picture 3.

    1. Thanks Helene, it is a very tactile piece with an interesting texture. Edgar has so many different looks, his eyes are very expressive.

  4. It’s coming on beautifully Ruth. My lovely grandmother used to tell me, no-one ever asked how long something took to make, they will only admire it’s beauty. That has stuck with me all of my life, and applies to so many things, this included.

    Happy adoption day Edgar!! You look such a happy chappie in your forever home ❤🐕🥰

  5. Love to see your progress on the slow stitching. Just looking at your stitches is calming and zen like. So soothing. Thanks for sharing.
    Edgar looks like a sweetie. We have just added a puppy to our home, without thinking about how old we are…we have been reminded. Lol. However, we are also reminded daily about how young we can feel. Aren’t dogs just the best? Happy adoption day Edgar!

    1. Thanks Deb, it’s been good to see how the piece progresses even with just a small amount of time spent daily.

      Dogs are the best 😍, good luck with your new puppy. He should bring some new ‘zip’ to your family!

  6. You’re slow stitch project is coming on beautifully, I wish I could be as disciplined as you Ruth!
    Happy Edgar anniversary, he looks so content and is the cutest dog ever….after mine of course!!

    1. Thanks Karen, it has been fairly easy to keep on track with this project so discipline hasn’t been a real factor.

      What kind of dog do you have? Edgar sends his greetings 😉

  7. I would of course talk about the slow stitching, but… EDGAR! He’s a cutie! Love that photo of him strutting his stuff walking away ^_^

    1. Thanks Leonor, Edgar loves to stay busy and “strut his stuff”. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

  8. The stitching is coming along nicely. Congratulations to Edgar for this first anniversary with you, he’s a cutie with a lot of personality!

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