Around the Web

Around the Web

This is post of links to interesting and or useful sites around the web.





Spin like your Scottish

spinning on a pendulum wheel






7 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. The Stitch Picture Dictionary (Sarah’s Hand Embroidery) is fabulous!

    I think the dancer (felt picture just started) in Pulli’s Woollies is going to be wonderfully colourful and full of movement.

    Great collection of sites Ann.

  2. WOW Ann! I shall definitely need to set aside some time before I dive down these rabbit holes. Pity I’ve got to go out, so I daren’t start now, but I’ll be on it later on.
    Thanks for these

  3. Thanks Jan….I think…….
    Strata of dust & curtains of cobwebs, a lost over grown garden, thin as a rake due to missed meals & grey hair to my knees!!! Ohhhh but so much wiser as to the treasures to be found.

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