Third Quarter Challenge – Part 2

Third Quarter Challenge – Part 2

I showed you my ideas, concepts and sketches for my cityscape last week. Now on to the felting.

First I needed to make some prefelt for the buildings. I had a mixed brown batt already in my stash so I decided to use that as the buildings in my inspiration photos were variegated brown.

Once I got the brown wool to prefelt stage, I let it dry and then used my sketch to make pattern shapes for the buildings. I used tracing paper to trace the shapes and then cut them out of the prefelt. This is when my perspective began to go wonky.

I found a piece of hand dyed silk in my stash that looked like night sky. I put that over a piece of commercial white prefelt and then laid down the black base, trees and prefelt building shapes. I thought they were well positioned for the perspective I needed but with felting they must have shifted slightly.

Here it is after felting. The buildings are getting wonkier. There is a reason that I don’t usually felt man made designs. I have difficulty keeping the perspective correct and as I progressed in this process, they just seemed to get more and more off as I went. But I had hopes that with the addition of windows and doors, this would improve.

I did fold the extra silk fabric to the back and hand stitch it in place. This gives the edge a more finished look.

I eyeballed where the windows and doors should go and tried to get the perspective correct with them. But that didn’t really work out so well. In hindsight, it might have worked better to stitch my lines for the wooden siding first and then added the windows and doors afterward.

Next week, I will show you the machine stitching and the finishing technique I used to get a starry sky. If you have created a cityscape, please go over to the forum and post it here. 

12 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge – Part 2

  1. We love wonky Ruth! The silk works so well as a night sky behind the trees and lovely buildings. We’d like to see your technique for the starry sky.

    1. Thanks Lyn, wonky it is 🙂 I do like the silk for night sky and wait until you see the stars, that really makes the piece.

  2. It can be very frustrating when things move. have you tried realigning them with a felting needle? Laying it almost flat and poking the edge toward where you want it? Might let you fix your perspective a bit.

  3. Ruth it is a ghost town so wonky is fine – it just adds to the atmosphere. Love what you’ve done so far and looking forward to your explanation of creating a starry sky.

  4. Thank you for the step by step from which I am learning a lot. Where do you get/find your silk and do you dye it yourself? I love the way this piece is developing and it is good to hear your comments – I find it hard (esp., when starting out) to quiet the critical voice(s) in my head. But I’ve come to slowly realize that I am reaching the ‘like much more of the painting than I dislike phase’. And I am learning to much with each piece that I enjoy it tremendously. The issue about items moving during felting is still a bugbear for me though.

    1. You are welcome Linda. I think if I remember correctly that I got my silk from Dharma Trading company. I do dye my own. I got this quite a while ago and dye a bunch. I have been using it up for the last several years.

      Yes, I think everyone has that voice in their head. Just keep working through the process and get through the ugly stages. In regards to movement, I think that my prefelt was just a bit too thick and didn’t adhere easily and that’s why it shifted. Also, these were two different types of wool with different weights so that is always a challenge to get them to felt without shifting around. It is easier if the same type and thickness of wool is used.

      Have fun!

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