Second Quarter Challenge Almost Finished.

Second Quarter Challenge Almost Finished.

I will show you how things have been going with my second quarter challenge piece. If you missed my last instalment it is here. seascape-progress

I finished adding the green for the vegetation.

Next I worked on the flattened serf

First I tried this,

But no, and then this,

I might have been able to make this work by adding something to the edge of the wave but I didn’t like it

And finally I went back to silk throwsters waste. I also broke the water edge up into 3.

Next moved on to the foliage. I added green stitching here and there to give it a more vertical look. It doesn’t show much but does add to it. I added some handspun yellow that a friend Bernadette made up for me on the spur of the moment when I was moaning about not having the right yellow.

After this it was just a matter of adding more stitches. I did add more of the yellow to mingle them more and stop them being a line across the picture.

This is where I am, stitching away and I still need to add a little dark wool between the planks of the path. I had forgotten about that until seeing the pictures. They are more defined in person.

I was going to just keep going with the stitching.   The picture if you recall is quite plain but I was finding it boring, and to uniform in proportion. It needs something else. I wondered about a railing. Not this railing I think, it looks like a Japanese character (badly build temple maybe) or something.

I think I will finished the stitching  even if I add something else. Anyone got another idea? I have seven more days to be finished in time.



11 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge Almost Finished.

  1. Good progress Ann. Perhaps you could add some tall grasses on one side in the foreground? Or a small person walking down the board walk with a pail in their hand?

  2. I also think it is too predictable and too much the same. Perhaps adding some birds or one of those low lying shrub with the gnarly trunks? Perhaps there is no focal point???

  3. It’s coming along well Ann and the embroidery is lovely.
    I’m not keen on the fencing because it takes away from the lovely boardwalk.
    Two good ideas above for the tall grasses and birds.
    Perhaps the focal point is the beach? The boards lead they eye directly to it.

    1. p.s. perhaps some birds swooping down to pick up something up from the beach?

    2. Thanks Lyn, the fencing really didn’t fit. Birds seem to be a recurring thought so I think that is what I might do. Now to spend hours looking at birds, on beaches pictures, on google.

  4. I do really like the path, the vegetation and the stitching. Not sure the ‘badly built’ temple would add anything good to the picture. Perhaps a kind of more angular sculpture in a good colour might be something to consider.

  5. The vegetation and stitching definitely add nice contrast and texture. I agree you need a focal point. The fence would take away from the seascape. Suggestions for birds or a child with a pail playing on the sand would work. I look forward to seeing more progress.

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