Seascape progress

Seascape progress

I have worked a little on my seascape so it is progressing. Last time I showed you the beginning 2nd-quarter-challenge-started/ 

After I felted it, the front wave mostly disappeared and the white for the flowers was gone too. I should have known I would need more. Oh well, onward I go.

I thought the best way to do the boardwalk would be to make some felt and then cut it up. This was the best match I had for the wood. It is not white but it’s not really beige either.

I laid out a small rectangle of the wool and of course that was much to flat so I added the next shade up and some black wisps.

You can see better when it’s wet.

After it was dry I cut it into uneven strips. The pictures above are taken in my studio and these are in the guild studio, much different light. There are fluorescent but also lots of natural light. in the guild studio.

And here they are just lightly attached. I needled them down more after. I may put some black or dark brown between the boards. I haven’t decided yet.

Next, I started adding the greenery. I wanted more texture. The picture had gone very flat and it made the boardwalk look like it was floating.

I will work on the lost wave and add some stitches to help the plants look more vertical and then flowers of course.  It should be done before the end of the month. Are you doing the challenge? How is it coming along?


11 thoughts on “Seascape progress

  1. Love the way you’ve done the boards Ann! The seascape is progressing well and we’re very much looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Very nice, Ann. It is definitely shaping up to be a beautiful seascape. You are getting more depth and the boards look good. I think the addition of dark between the boards would be helpful. My seascape is finished and will be posted next week.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I think it will give them better definition although it is better in person. I am looking forward to seeing your finished piece.

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