2nd quarter challenge started

2nd quarter challenge started

I finally pieced a picture for my second quarter challenge piece. If you remember is it seascape this quarter. this is the picture I chose.

I found it on the internet, where you find everything. It should be ok as I aske for free to use pictures.

I started with a piece of prefelt a little bigger than a piece of paper, with the idea it would shrink to an to be the size of a piece of paper. And for a change I have a piece the right size.  It is a mazing what some planning can do for you. You would think I would learn.

Next I layered some more prefelt to make the basic shapes  in the picture. the mottled piece at the front was dyed by a friend.

That is v

That looks very boring and flat so now it has to be brought to life. I added some silk hanky scraps to the water to give it some depth and movement.

Then I added the surf using throwsters waste.

And lastly I added some foliage and flowers

Now it is all ready for wetting down, I plan to add the wooden path to the beach later. I am not sure I have the right colour for the wool. what colour is that anyway?

That is as far I am now. more next time.

12 thoughts on “2nd quarter challenge started

  1. What a lovely photo – you just want to walk down the boarded path! It looks to be the same colour as silver birch bark. Silvery white? Mid-grey would suit the ‘lines’?

    The silk hanky has made wonderful movement in the water and the throwsters waste makes lovely frothy surf.
    Great beginning Ann – looking forward to seeing the finished seascape.

    1. Thanks Lyn, it was very hard to pick after looking at thousands and saving dozens of photos from the internet. The colour is a hard one, it’s not white but it’s not gray or beige either.

  2. Great start Ann. I agree with Lyn, it is grey . Will you add stitching? Or have you decided yet? I am working on my seascape too. Always fun doing the challenges.

    1. Thanks Ruth, grey is probably it. I am sure I don’t have what ever colour it is. I will have to just pick something and try it. maybe a natural grey. I think I will probably add some stitching. We will see how the flowers and grass turn out.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I will hopefully have sometime to do a stash search and find something the right colour or one that will at least work.

  3. Ann, having seen the stages to create your seascape with the great movement of water and the surf, I’m looking forward to seeing your completed work.

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