A show and Picture Progress

A show and Picture Progress

I had a show on the weekend. It was quite good. We put a big push on advertising on Facebook and Instagram and it looks like it paid off. There were more customers this year. It’s nice that everyone’s efforts paid off.

This is what my booth looked like.

I sat in the back near the mirror and worked on my Moy MacKay class picture. You can see it on the left of the table.  People were very interested and it helped to start conversations.

On the second day, I changed the table around a little to see if the little bags would go better.  It might have been a little better. people look at them a lot but they are not selling. Maybe the price is a bit high. I need to get my webpage set up to sell or get my Etsy page up and working.

This is what it looked like at the beginning of the day.

I added some more to the fences and some shadows for the ones on the left as the sun is on that side. added some purple to the left backfield to tone it down as it farther away.  The big thing I worked on mountains. The wool colours were running across, So they really didn’t look like trees. I added a thin layer of wool going the other way to make it look more like it is covered in trees. I used a greyer green so they will reseed more.


Now I need to add some shading to give the mountains some definition and mountainy shape. It’s coming along. At the moment I am working on the holiday card exchange. What are you working on?


12 thoughts on “A show and Picture Progress

  1. The booth looks very appealing – I would have been straight over there to have a good look. Glad it went well.

  2. We would have made a bee-line for your stall Ann – it looked scrummy.
    Your Moy McKay picture is coming along beautifully. You made such a difference to it while you were sat at the show.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I am liking it more. The prosses of doing it is teaching me a lot. I have to keep taking pictures to look at so I can see what it really looks like.

  3. Your booth was very well thought out and appealing. I’m glad it worked well for you. I love the rich colors you’re using for your Moy picture. Will you have sheep? ;-). I look fo ward to updates.

  4. Your stall looked very interesting and inviting. You suggested there was increased footfall for the venue, were you able to chat with other stall holders to discover if they were lookers or buyers? I’ve just assisted yesterday at our textile group’s selling stall at a local venue. We noticed that it was mostly the smaller priced items that sold….not surprising in our case, as the charity event was held in a local rural village, and everyone is watching their pennies this year.

    It’s fascinating watching your lovely vibrant picture come to life step by step. I look forward to seeing the finished work.

    1. Thanks Antje. the other vendor I talked to thought things were better this year. The most numerous things I sell are not expensive ( felted soap and dryer balls) but the bulk of the money comes form the more expensive pieces (scarves and hats).

  5. Your booth looks great Ann, glad your social media push helped with attendance. You always wonder if what you’re doing is helpful or just wishful thinking.

    Your landscape is coming along nicely. You are definitely creating more depth. I’m looking forward to see what else develops. I should be working on my holiday exchange card but it’s just in the “thinking” stage at the moment. Hopefully, my partner will be patient 😉

    1. Thanks Ruth. We have send the vendors surveys so we can compare to last year and the year before. We definitely had more people attend. We had a volunteer counting people as they came in.
      The picture is coming along. It needs more shading and thought.
      I am sure your partner will be patient. LOL

  6. Your booth looks gorgeous, Ann 🙂
    I wish we had event spaces like that here. I like your landscape picture, especially the fence posts and the trees, I love the detail on them.

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