More Stitches

More Stitches

I have now worked my way through the stitch dictionary at

It took a while but I worked my way through all the stitch families. I did get lazy near the end and I didn’t do all the wrapped stitches. It seems if you wrap another thread around through your stitching it gets a new name. If you weave it through it gets a new name. If you leave loops when you do it another new name.

I discovered that some stitches just didn’t work well with crochet cotton. I am using #8 mercerized and for some stitches it was to slippery and the stitch didn’t lie properly. I think it would have worked better with yarn. Some stitches were to small when pulled tight making it really hard to see the detail of the stitch. Some stitches looked messy when she did them and worse when I did them. Have a look at the top right sample.

These are the 2 pens I have been using to make lines. 

and the marks they make

They are both permanent. I like the silver one better. It is a liquid but it stays put and would be fine to use if the line will not show after. The gold one seemed to get wider after a while. I am going to keep an eye out for the washable and air erase pens. One of the books I got said the was a pen that disappeared when heat was applied. I will keep an eye out for that too. Next I think I will try drawing on some water-soluble fabric  and I might try some tear away. I think once I have an outline done I could fill it in ok.

And on another topic of my life; we had our first farmers market day of the year last week and it went well. I hope I can get back into the routine of baking (and then cleaning up) for the market so I have some time left for felting.


17 thoughts on “More Stitches

  1. Frixon pens, available widely, are like a rollerball Pen, but disappear when ironed. Used a lot in quilting.

  2. That’s a lovely lot of stitches and they could all enhance felt work.

    Take care Ann – one of the air erasable pens we use sometimes (a sort of purple colour) actually sets permanently if you iron it.
    But the marks will disappear if you leave them alone and it can take anytime between a few hours to a couple of days.

    1. Thanks Lyn. That’s good to know. I will have to keep the different pens separate or I will have disaster. The iron on off ones sound like they might be best as I am not fast at stitching.

  3. I thought it would be fun to try doing embroidery stitches, but I only managed to do around six so far. I enjoyed seeing your stitches, any favourites?

  4. Love all your stitching Ann. Those messy stitches can be used for foliage or something organic. Emphasize the messiness and make them even wonkier. That gives a whole different look especially when the stitches are massed together.

    You can do this with any of the stitches and it makes it really freeing since you don’t have to worry about evenness or thread tension.

  5. Hi Ruth
    One of the pens that come off with heat is the frixton excellent colour available. Great for design as you get a glimpse of the possibility of that colour in that space with out a commitment .
    Enjoy your blog very much thanks

  6. Stitching is great on the felt Ann. You did a nice job. I have one of those disappearing purple and pink pens, but sometimes they disappear before I’m done. Ive used tear away for fme but not embroidery, but that may work. I look forward t see your next project. Hope the baking continues to go well, too.

    1. Than Marilyn, I am not a fast stitcher so I think they might disappear on me too. So far baking is going well, just have to get into the routine again.

  7. Your stitch samples make an interesting piece of work in their own right Ann. They remind me of hieroglyphics (hope that’s spelt correctly!). You’ve given me an idea of drawing permanent marks onto felt with these pens and them stitching into sections of the drawing leaving some areas just ink… to find my pens!

  8. They look great, Ann 🙂 I like them as they are too. I like the ones in the top right corner of the first pic, they remind me of barbed wire.

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