Tidying My Work Space

Tidying My Work Space

We’ve had new windows put in this week, so everything had to be moved out of the way, mainly to one corner or the sides of each room. Of course, I decided this was a perfect opportunity to have a clear out and rearrange things whilst putting stuff back, so I ran out of time to make something new to blog about. But since it was partly Ruth’s post which inspired me to make the most of my ‘studio’, I thought I’d take some photos along the way. It’s been less than 2 years since I last re-arranged my space (here’s the post), but I’ve ‘aquired’ a lot more stuff since then! This is how my storage tubs were back then:

They’re not much different now, though the paint which was in tubs on the left now have their own bookcases (they grew too!)

On the opposite side of the room I had a few tubs and my carder on an old toy chest. As the tub stacks grew, I used an old wardrobe on its side to store them, I can drop a curtain down and hide them now.

My carder feels more secure up there on the top too:

I previously had an old computer desk and pine table in the centre to work on. I got a 6ft fold up table to replace those. Both set ups had storage underneath, but they took up far too much room for what they contained, so they’re now storing general rubbish and old toys in the hall cupboard 🙂 All that’s left from underneath is the tubs which contain my netting:

There’s so much room with everything gone and the table folded away:

My shelves are pretty much the same as they were. I got a new bookcase and swapped the huge old telly for a stereo so there’s a bit more room.

I’m sure it won’t last long having the table folded up, and I still have so much to put back, but at least for now the clear space has the potential for creativity 🙂

16 thoughts on “Tidying My Work Space

  1. Brilliant idea of using the wardrobe on its side – fabulous storage and strong work top! Recycling at its very best.
    I think the table will be back up very soon – it’s a necessary bit of kit and a pain to keep putting up and down.
    I admire the way all your tubs are labelled – I haven’t managed to get around to that.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      Yeah, the wardrobe works perfectly for storage and a sideboard. I’m sure the table will be up as soon as I don’t need that bit of space for putting things while I rearrange!

  2. Everything looks so organised and neat. I have finally started labelling my even my clear tubs. I always tink I will remember what in them but never do. MY wool is fairly organised but I really need to get the craft supplies more organised. I have several places I stash them and can never find what I want.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      Yeah, I go through stages of aquiring more stuff and it being unorganised. I found a pillowcase full of wool during a previous tidy up!

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I think the bookcase and plastic tubs industry are where most of my money goes after wool and music!

  3. Nicely organized Zed. I’ve labeled things only to run out and replace with something else and not change the label. Haha. I’m sure the table will be up soon enough.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Oh, I do that with wool bags, it’ll say ‘Candyfloss Merino’, but have something very coarse and grey in it!

  4. Very organised Zed, I keep meaning to label my boxes but never get around to it. Was that a glass fulling mat I saw next to your carder and if so did you make it yourself? A friend of mine uses a glass washboard which she swears by and I’m wondering if glass pebbles, glued onto a backing, would work as well.

    1. Thanks, Karen 🙂
      Yeah, that’s my bead-board for fulling! It’s lasted well too, only 2 or 3 beads have come off in about 8 years. I got some acrylic/perspex offcuts from my dad, and used UHU contact adhesive to stick the glass beads on. The perspex is about 4 or 5 mil.

    2. Thanks for the info Zed. I can see it would be a very useful tool so will keep a look out for Perspex and have a go at making one.

  5. Can I just add, that I love how everyone sees my stuff as ‘neat’ and ‘organised’ when most people just think I have a messy room jammed with piles of junk 🙂

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