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Tidying My Work Space

Tidying My Work Space

We’ve had new windows put in this week, so everything had to be moved out of the way, mainly to one corner or the sides of each room. Of course, I decided this was a perfect opportunity to have a clear out and rearrange things whilst putting stuff back, so I ran out of time to make something new to blog about. But since it was partly Ruth’s post which inspired me to make the most of my ‘studio’, I thought I’d take some photos along the way. It’s been less than 2 years since I last re-arranged my space (here’s the post), but I’ve ‘aquired’ a lot more stuff since then! This is how my storage tubs were back then:

They’re not much different now, though the paint which was in tubs on the left now have their own bookcases (they grew too!)

On the opposite side of the room I had a few tubs and my carder on an old toy chest. As the tub stacks grew, I used an old wardrobe on its side to store them, I can drop a curtain down and hide them now.

My carder feels more secure up there on the top too:

I previously had an old computer desk and pine table in the centre to work on. I got a 6ft fold up table to replace those. Both set ups had storage underneath, but they took up far too much room for what they contained, so they’re now storing general rubbish and old toys in the hall cupboard 🙂 All that’s left from underneath is the tubs which contain my netting:

There’s so much room with everything gone and the table folded away:

My shelves are pretty much the same as they were. I got a new bookcase and swapped the huge old telly for a stereo so there’s a bit more room.

I’m sure it won’t last long having the table folded up, and I still have so much to put back, but at least for now the clear space has the potential for creativity 🙂

Keeping Track of Supplies

Keeping Track of Supplies

We’ve talked a few times about how we store our felting and craft supplies, but how do you keep track of what you have so you know when you’re running low? Do you have a system? I don’t have enough room to keep the whole amount of my wool and fibre supplies out, so I usually keep some out to use…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… and the rest ‘spare’ in bags (or pillow cases!) out of the way in cupboards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis often leads to me running out of certain breeds or colours, or in some cases, ordering twice because I forget that I checked before the last time I ordered. I decided to do an inventory of all my supplies and stock this week, so I know exactly what I have, then I can try to find a way to keep a better track of it all. I thought the easiest way to do this, would be to put an old sheet down on the floor, get everything out…



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had some Word documents with lists of what I usually use from the last time I tried to be better organised, so I started with those and did print outs for my supplies and also for what is ‘spare’. I decided I’d start with my ‘natural’ wools and do the dyed wools and fibres another day. I have my natural wools split into lights and darks, and I also separate the commercial tops from the locks, scoured and carded wools. I know it sounds like a lot of messing about, but it is easier for finding what I want with limited space.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wasn’t thinking when I started with the light colours. I weighed everything first, then added to the supplies I keep out if they were getting low. But when I did the dark colours, if any of the supplies were low, I added to them before writing down the weight, so I didn’t have lots of scribbled out numbers or have to do two lots of weighing 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, now I have huge lists with the weights of all my supplies, and spare supplies, do you have any tips or advice about how to keep track of it all better? The only thing I can think of is to weigh the supplies again after each use and also the spares each time I get more out.

UPDATE: I have uploaded a couple of Word documents, altered from the lists I made doing my natural wool supplies inventory, in case anyone wants to use them for themselves. They are in tables, but are easy to alter to suit you. For a list of Commercial wool tops in different breeds, click here then click the link to open the Word doc. For a list of scoured, washed and raw wools, locks and fleeces, click here for the Word doc attachment.

Our Etsy Store

Our Etsy Store

Since starting the website a couple of months ago, we’ve had lots of great comments and interesting feedback. Some of the things we’ve noticed since starting the site, and more recently, the forum, is that more people would experiment with different fibres if they were more easily available and not quite so expensive.

So, we’ve opened an etsy store 🙂 The four of us have all been felting for quite a few years now and all have our favourite fibre suppliers, both locally and internationally. It’s not our aim to make a profit from selling fibres, but to use that knowledge, along with our own skills to source fibres and felting supplies and make them more accessible and affordable, especially to beginners who would like to try sample sizes without having to pay extra for them.

We’ve started with a silk fibre sample pack. This has 20g each of silk hankies, silk noil, silk carrier rods and silk throwsters waste. We’ll be adding more items as they become available. We’ve already had lots of feedback on the forum about the kinds of things people are interested in: samples of plastic, nylon, viscose and cotton fibres; handmade yarn samples; a sample pack of different silk fabrics; buttons and beads, and sewing threads; and embellishment fibres.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for bargains or offers that we can then pass on through etsy but we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see. There’s a button on the sidebar to take you to etsy or just click the link below. Feel free to contact us on etsy if you have any specific requests 🙂

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