Techniques for Intermediate Felters Class- the morning.

On Saturday I was teaching Techniques for Intermediate Felters.  It is a sample class.

First we talked about how felt shrinks and then  did ruffled edges.

As an aside it was Jan’s ( top right) birthday and the class was one of her presents.

Only two finished ruffle pictures thanks to two of the students.

After ruffles we did cracked mud. They did a double sample. One side was done with painters tape and one was done with floor underlay with holes cut out. On Lauren’s piece here you can really see the tape and the underlay.

I wanted them to see how even the thin underlay makes it much harder than the very thin tape.

Some needed a little more fulling at this point but were progressing well. We were on to lunch and then more techniques. I will tell you about the afternoon next time I post.


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14 Responses to Techniques for Intermediate Felters Class- the morning.

  1. Lise says:

    Wow, looks like a lot fun “work”! Results are really interesting!

  2. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Ruffles and cracked mud are fun techniques. It looks like they all did well. Happy birthday Jan! I love the variety of old color combos.

  3. What a good idea to do the tape and underlay side by side on one piece – and the results speak for themselves.
    A real fun class Ann.

  4. ruthlane says:

    Great to learn techniques all at once. Looks like a good class.

  5. Karen Lane says:

    What a great class! Your students did very well and it’s so exciting to learn new techniques like these.

  6. zedster66 says:

    Looks like a great class, Ann 🙂 Learning techniques and making samples are underrated I think.

  7. FeltBliss says:

    Looks like it was a great class. Looking forward to seeing the other techniques and samplers from the afternoon.

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