I was really happy with the way the green vessel I showed last time dried. I was worried it’d lose shape, but it kept it and also ‘came to life’ when the textures/sheens of the different wools and fibres appeared after drying. This the vessel from above:

This is my favourite side:

I can’t remember which fibres I did use, I know it wasn’t many, I think the blue on the bottom is bamboo fibre. Most of the texture came from BFL locks:

This is a few of the tiny locks teased apart:

And this is a different angle of the single lock and orange BFL from the 2nd photo, where the side curves onto the bottom, there was a small amount of carded lime green BFL on top of the Merino, which helped create the texture:

This is the soft, wispy piece I was making in the photo from the well being centre:

I thought at first this was silk noil, but it looked a bit too shiny, looking closer I realised it was soy staple, just a bit more dense than I’d normally use. But we always do get carried away piling on the embellishments on these pieces!

Some red nylon, clashing nicely with the Green Merino:

The end of a purple Gotland lock, anchoring down a synthetic thick/thin yarn, with some pink viscose trapped underneath:

Just out of curiosity, has anyone used a ‘print on demand’ site for t-shirts? I’ve been looking at a few like Society6 and Teespring, but thought I’d see if there were any recomendations before choosing.

16 thoughts on “Textures

  1. No, sorry, can’t help with the print-on-demand t-shirts Zed.

    The pod has dried to reveal the pretty colours and textures wonderfully.

    Any plans for the wispy piece? Love the colours.

    1. Thanks, Lyn πŸ™‚
      Yeah, like a lot of things from class, it was mostly a case of ‘and we can add things to the surface like these locks, and some carded wool…’ without putting too much thought into it as we don’t have time! And it turned out nice. I thought of saving my soft wispy pieces to make some decorative hangings out of.

  2. Nice work Zed. Love all those textures, and the shape of the vessel.
    I am not up on the print thing so will look forward to finding out more.

    1. Thanks, Jane πŸ™‚
      I’ll try to remember an update when I get more info!

  3. Great textures and color combos on all the pieces. The wispy one is my fav. I’ve heard of the print on demand but never used it. Good luck.

  4. It looks a lot less like a potato now. LOL it has lots of great texture. The wispy one is great. Sorry can’t help with the printing. It’s a good idea.

    1. Thanks, Ruth πŸ™‚
      I’ve got tons of designs, digital and scanned photos etc from over the years. There are lots of sites where you can upload your designs for print-on-demand cards, mugs, stickers and t-shirts, but I don’t know the quality.

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