Various Vessels

Various Vessels

I mentioned in the blog post before last that we’ve started working with resists at the well being centre. After our first piece using strips to cut make channels and cut flaps, we moved onto 3D. Our next piece was using just a flat resist to make a simple case, either with or without a flap. I chose to do mine without a flap, because I wanted to finish it off at home and shape it differently over a bottle. I shaped it over a Lucozade bottle so it would fit perfectly:

The week after we moved onto bowls using a flat, round resist. After we’d done our final layer we added some carded Bluefaced Leicester and a few locks. Somehow our balloons for shaping had vanished so we took them home to finish off. I really liked the shape of mine, it was really texturey. It still had a bit of a ridge around the middle, but I decided to just leave it because a previous vessel I’d liked the bumpy shape of lost it went I worked on it a bit more and put absorbent cloths in. The vessel is still wet in these photos. This is the bottom:

One side:

The other side:

BFL Texture:

One of the weeks, there was just a couple of us and none of the new members so we made slightly more ‘advanced’ vessels. I used a resist that I usually use for birdpods, but shaped it for a vessel:

The top had an interesting shape where I’d cut it open, I thought about neatening it, but liked the curves:

I fulled it a lot and got some nice migration from the yellow inside. It looks a completely different shape from this angle too:

I rarely take photos at the well being classes, the room has a strange orangey light, and I generally just forget! We had another new member so we’re making soft wispy pieces again, and opposite me, our previous new member is making a more advanced vessel with very little instruction. I hope she brings it in next week, it was a great cylindrical shape by the time we finished, but needed more work at home:

7 thoughts on “Various Vessels

  1. All if the vessels look good. It’s nice to experiment with different shapes. I like the texturey one. And even with the orange cast it’s nice to see the students work.

  2. The orangey light doesn’t matter – it’s good to see works in progress.

    The lucozade vessel is a gorgeous mix of blues; the pink/blue/yellow is a lovely shape with great colour migrations and the textured pod’s orange accents draw all its colours together.

  3. These are a wonderful collection of vessels. I like the unique quality of each one. I don’t mind the orange light, it’s nice to see the felting in progress.

    Do you know how many different people have tried felting at the center? It must be quite a few by now.

  4. Some great looking vessels and the samples look very interesting too. Although the green pot in the middle reminds me of a colourful potato, but I like it. LOL
    The light doesn’t bother me either . they are candid shots not studio shots.

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