This is a short post today.  There is not much time for felting at the moment. We have started lambing here on the farm. We are a little early. Seems we missed a ram lamb and he was a very active little  fellow. Naturally with the weather being cold and wet we have some in the house.

Here is a brand new lamb, still all wet. Mom and baby were moved to a pen of ther own shortly after I took the picture.

These are the house lambs They are on bottles. This is ther first top in the living room. They have now moved to a Big pen in the basement.

And this is one that is getting warm sitting on my knee as I type this for you to read.

I am not sure how I am supposed to get ready to teach  Techniques for Intermediate Felters on Saturday. No rest for the weary as they say.

Well thats it from me , I have lambs to feed.





24 thoughts on “Lambs

  1. Hi there, it was lovely to see all your lambs and thank you for sharing. This puts me a little more into the picture. I had to send it on to close friends who spend half a year in the Outback of Australia helping all the farmers, especially in years of drought (which is most of the time). I thought it would bring them some good memories, until such time as they head off for their next trip to help the farmers. They are both in their 70’s and it takes weeks to drive to the farms pulling a caravan. Greetings, Pamela

  2. Lovely heart warming pictures, especially as I’m looking out of my window into a snow blizzard.
    New life has a way of taking away ‘some’ of the weariness. I hope the hard work brings smiles and joy.

    1. Thanks. I do enjoy the sheep and the lambs. I am happy that it is not a blizzard here. I am hopping we are done with snow for the year but there is still lots of time for a blizzard yet.

  3. Your hard work and lovely story and photos has brought smiles and joy to me. On the other side of the world and wishing you a good lambing season.

  4. They are beautiful little babies.
    Thank you for all the hard labor of love you do daily to care for them & giving us fleece to felt.

  5. Cute lambs! My sister sent me a pic of her first about a week ago. Early must be in the air. Good luck with your class!

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