Nothing Spooky Here

Nothing Spooky Here

Update on Maneki-Neko:

I took Lyn’s advice and made the whiskers from wire.  Here is the new look.  I also decided to put her on a pedestal to see out the window rather than sitting on the windowsill.  I found an old pot and turned it upside down, but I’m thinking gold may be better.  Although, when she’s in the window you can’t see the pot.


I recently realized I needed to carry on my tradition of giving each grandchild a pumpkin wall hanging.  I have a new grandson, Ken who arrived early in April.

But I didn’t really have a nice orange to make the pumpkin.  So, I made a batt using hand dyed Corriedale, a funky orange pink merino, bright orange coarse commercial fiber, gold merino, hand dyed Domestic 56s with Logwood from Cathy and a touch of white.  You can see the batt in the back.  I think the color turned out well.  I also used the merino/silk mix for the stem that I had used in the Edo challenge with the Sakura branches.

I had made a sketch of how I wanted the pumpkin to look.  A bit different than his sister Lisa’s girly pumpkin from last year.

Of course, I got into laying it out and cutting the prefelts and forgot to take pictures.  But here is Ken’s dried pumpkin.

Then after a little shave.

Now I guess I’d better start thinking about the upcoming holidays.  Did you do anything for Halloween?

12 thoughts on “Nothing Spooky Here

  1. Ken’s pumpkin is lovely – I like the way you’ve done the mouth and teeth and it certainly is a masculine version of Lisa’s.
    The wire whiskers look good as does giving the cat elevation for a better view.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I’m glad I took your advice she looks much better with the wire. I’m sure Ken will wonder who is staring at him, but at least with a smile.

  2. Traditions are important, IMHO, and good to hear you are carrying on with the pumpkins for your grandkids. You would be surprised what very young children may appreciate and remember, although it’s not always expressed in the way which adults understand. Bravo, Marilyn!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I believe traditions are important, too. I’m hoping it’s something passed on as well.

    1. Thanks Ann! It’s always nice when things finally come together. 😉 I hope the pumpkin is a nice reminder of Grandma.

    1. Thanks Zed! Yes, it’s a nice tradition. I’ll have to step my game though as they grow older.

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