I am teaching mittens next year at my guild. I haven’t made any in a long time so I have been working on some mittens for my grandson.  Here you can see where I was enlarging the pattern.  They look huge. I did add extra in the middle because it is easer to cut off some at the wrist then not have enough and try to add. Do you like my sheep duct tape?

I used a small piece of plastic to keep the thumb wool separate. They can so easily get all tangled with the wool from the finger part.

Here is it flipped over and ready for the second side.

And here they are on my grandson. He was a moving target.


I had planed on adding some trim to thread an elastic and tightener thingy but they seem to fit him well and don’t fall off. I will add some more detail to the car. I know he likes them because we couldn’t get him to stand still. He was dancing all over with them.

Have you made anything for winter Yet?

17 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. Such a lovely lively lad! You did a great job with the mittens Ann and I like the car motif. Yes, I do like the sheep duct tape – where did you find that?

  2. The mittens look great and he really looks like he loves them. How did he get to be so big?? Amazing how time flies. The sheep duct tape is the bomb 🙂

  3. Cool duct tape. I haven’t seen that here. He is a cutie and it’s great he’s so thrilled with his new mittens. I have a feeling you may have to finish them while he’s sleeping. Not thinking winter yet, still coming to terms with fall and Halloween!

    1. It is cool haven’t seen it anywhere either. My niece found it. I have managed to get the mittens back so now I need to finish them before it gets cold. I hope I have lots of time before that happens.

  4. I’ve been making a few scarves and collars ready for the colder weather but it hadn’t occurred to me to make mittens. I really like the idea of wool mits for when I’m out dog walking on cold mornings so thanks for sharing and I’m putting those on my “to do “list!

    1. I will do Ann but I will need a refresher as to how and where to put them on the Forum….. I am probably being dumb but I took a look recently and couldn’t figure it out!

  5. They look great, Ann 🙂 You can tell he loves them! I’m tempted to try some too, getting around to it is another thing though.

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