UFO’s Are Taking Over

UFO’s Are Taking Over

I have tons of UFO’s (unfinished objects) in my studio space. I need to either get rid of some or do something with them to make them more functional.

This is a piece of felt that has been printed with thickened dye and then free motion machine stitched. It’s been hanging around for more than a year. I thought about framing it but decided against that.

So I had this tea tin that it wrapped around and fit perfectly.

Here it is getting ready to stitch. I used safety pins to hold it together and then used two needles to lace up the back. I can easily remove the stitching if I want to use the felt for something else.

Here it is after stitching. It’s a bit wonky but the edges weren’t even and I wasn’t really worrying about being straight.

And here’s the tea tin in my kitchen, all finished and looking pretty 🙂

Do you have any UFO’s that you need to complete? Show us some of your unfinished projects over on the forum. Maybe we’ll be able to give you some ideas of getting it finished or made into something useful.

15 thoughts on “UFO’s Are Taking Over

  1. Wonky is good – the lacing up makes a pleasing meander when you follow it slowly from bottom to top. I’m glad you used the felt piece because it’s too pretty to sit in a pile.

    If there’s a special tea you like then this tin would be the place to keep it.

  2. Very pretty Ruth, glad it isn’t a UFO anymore (that could also stand for Unloved felted Object!).

    1. Thanks Tracey, you’re right about the unloved felted object acronym. This wasn’t really unloved, just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Now at least it has a purpose 🙂

  3. I think this is lovely. And it would help anyone with dexterity issues to stop it slipping too. It reminded me that I was going to use some UFOs to decorate simple glass vases or jars.

    1. That would be great Karen. You can just copy the URL of the photo on your blog and paste it into the photo icon window on the forum.

  4. That’s really nice, Ruth 🙂
    I was just thinking recently bout some limited edition flavoured ‘Wedding tea’ I bought years ago, which had rose and blossom petals in it, this cover would really match such fancy tea! I have tons of UFOs, I even categorise them for suitable usage!

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