Cat Cave Class part 1

Cat Cave Class part 1

I taught a Cat cave class a while back. It was great fun but it very nearly didn’t happen. There was a delay in the wool I had ordered getting here in time. But between my personal stash and our workshop coordinators stash we had enough wool to go ahead, 4 kg of Finnish wool. Here are some of they layout pictures.

A future beagle

Kimberly wanted a curly tail and curly spikes on her cave. these ones are for the top

She made a long fat spike for the tail. Here I am explaining how to attach it.

And then of course after all the wool was laid out and the embellishments added the was a lot of rubbing followed by a lot of rolling.

This is a big project. It took 2 full days to do. I think we made it to the first rolling at the end of day one. More form Day 2 next time.





13 thoughts on “Cat Cave Class part 1

  1. Lovely photos – almost like being there! That was a lot of wool to rustle up Ann. I’m intrigued by the beagle layout and very much looking forward to part 2 of this post.

    1. Thanks Lyn. It was a panic when we realised the wool wouldn’t get here in time. Good thing I don’t usually buy 100 grams of anything. I want 1kg, I had 3 colours for a third attempt at boots.

  2. Looks great so far Ann! Lovely large tables and lots of room to manoeuvre around, which is obviously needed with such a large project.

  3. You’re fortunate to have so much space to work on, those cat caves look huge. I look forward to seeing the finished caves.

  4. The thought of all that rubbing and rolling makes me tired! I can’t wait to see them finished 🙂

  5. These are so huge!! Can’t wait to see them completed! (Can see via the links below, that there are other cat caves that you taught last year …. Much smaller, yes?)

    1. Yes they start out huge so the can shrink and get really stiff. last year some wer smaller some bigger. I think Jans was about 4 feet when finished.

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