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Cat Cave Class Part 2

Cat Cave Class Part 2

Here are the finished caves.

Lynda’s sea monster needed a little needle felting to reinforce the eyestalks so they would stand up properly. Her little dog was not impressed with the cave so It will be Lynda’s companion holding her roving next to her chair.

This is Diane’s beagle pillow. The real beagles seem to be unimpressed. The first picture is half stuffed and the next is all finished.

This is Catherin’s Cave. She let it partially dry before shaping it and stuffing it into the right shape.


And the cat fits but she had other ideas. LOL


And last but not least is Kimberly’s Cave. She wrapped the long spikes around some mini pool noodle like sticks. This was for a friends cat, who loved it.  Kimberly is a good friend. It was a lot of work.


Cat Cave Class part 1

Cat Cave Class part 1

I taught a Cat cave class a while back. It was great fun but it very nearly didn’t happen. There was a delay in the wool I had ordered getting here in time. But between my personal stash and our workshop coordinators stash we had enough wool to go ahead, 4 kg of Finnish wool. Here are some of they layout pictures.

A future beagle

Kimberly wanted a curly tail and curly spikes on her cave. these ones are for the top

She made a long fat spike for the tail. Here I am explaining how to attach it.

And then of course after all the wool was laid out and the embellishments added the was a lot of rubbing followed by a lot of rolling.

This is a big project. It took 2 full days to do. I think we made it to the first rolling at the end of day one. More form Day 2 next time.





Cat Cave Class Part 2

Cat Cave Class Part 2

Some more from the cat cave class. Eventually everyone got all their wool used up and got to wet everything down. With such big projects everyone was working at their own pace.

getting wet

Then there was the decorating

Cynthias cave with silk Garry decorating with yarn

The one on the left has merino and silk hanky decorations and the one on the right is yarn.

Then there was much rubbing and then rolling and throwing.

E rolling throwing

Cynthia checked to see if she could use it as a hat if her cats didn’t like it.

Cynthia wearing her cat cave.but it turns out her cats do like it. Both will fit in it at once.

cynthias cats in cave 2 cynthias cats in cave 1

Her husbands log is still in progress. The cats liked it once he made some holes in it (ant holes in a log) to let light in but it also needs some more fulling. Sorry no picture of that.

Elizabeth got her pebble done and discovered that perhaps the hole needs to be bigger.  and maybe it needs to be a little bigger all over. She is planning another one.

E'cat to smallE's othe cat showing how to make it work

Beth had trouble. She was the only one that had a different wool. a Polwarth/Romney cross. I have felted Romney and I know people that felt with Polwarth so we thought it would be fine. She worked very hard on it. She came to my house the next day and we worked at it some more.  It would not come together or shrink. So we tossed it aside and started again with some Fin wool I had. she made a very nice basket that her cats likes but decided to flatten.

Beths secong try

Beths cat bets cats

Garry hasn’t finished hers yet, she has the one with yarn decorations. Jan and the giant fish are done but that will be it’s own blog post next week.

Cat Cave Class Part 1

Cat Cave Class Part 1

Last year a friend who is the workshop coordinator for the guild try’s to think of a class she would like to take  and arrange to have it on or near her birthday in January. A birthday present to her self. She wanted a cat cave class. Well, we tried to coordinate, her, me and enough students to make it a go. The next thing you know it’s this year.  We found a date we found people we ordered wool . One person dropped out and two more joined and the  drop out could come so now I have 6.  We had to find a big enough place to hold it. Our guild space is to small. Everyone would need Two six foot tables. I booked a nice little hall near my house.  I tell you all this just to let you know what people go through sometimes to offer , take or teach a workshop. No need for violins. It is usually more strait forward.

This is the hall. It is small but a great place for workshops.

Carsonby Hall and all set up. I am standing on the small stage.

hall ready for class

Everyone was warned they were guineypigs as this was the first time I was doing this class. I chose Finnish wool for this. It makes a nice firm felt that will stand up well.  We made a special order from World of Wool for the class. What I learned was we needed more time. It is a really big project.

Here they are laying out their wool

laying out wool laying out wool 2 laying our a log

dry felting Here Elizabeth is dry felting one side of her rock to get the fibers aquanted so she can move it without it falling apart

laying out a giant fish

Here is Jan she is working on the second side of her Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish. You can see it is quite large. after she adds the tale to the end of the resist it just fits the double table corner to corner.

fish getting bigger IMG_3551


More on the class and the cat caves next time. Like the class I am out of time.


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