Cat Cave Class Part 2

Cat Cave Class Part 2

Some more from the cat cave class. Eventually everyone got all their wool used up and got to wet everything down. With such big projects everyone was working at their own pace.

getting wet

Then there was the decorating

Cynthias cave with silk Garry decorating with yarn

The one on the left has merino and silk hanky decorations and the one on the right is yarn.

Then there was much rubbing and then rolling and throwing.

E rolling throwing

Cynthia checked to see if she could use it as a hat if her cats didn’t like it.

Cynthia wearing her cat cave.but it turns out her cats do like it. Both will fit in it at once.

cynthias cats in cave 2 cynthias cats in cave 1

Her husbands log is still in progress. The cats liked it once he made some holes in it (ant holes in a log) to let light in but it also needs some more fulling. Sorry no picture of that.

Elizabeth got her pebble done and discovered that perhaps the hole needs to be bigger.  and maybe it needs to be a little bigger all over. She is planning another one.

E'cat to smallE's othe cat showing how to make it work

Beth had trouble. She was the only one that had a different wool. a Polwarth/Romney cross. I have felted Romney and I know people that felt with Polwarth so we thought it would be fine. She worked very hard on it. She came to my house the next day and we worked at it some more.  It would not come together or shrink. So we tossed it aside and started again with some Fin wool I had. she made a very nice basket that her cats likes but decided to flatten.

Beths secong try

Beths cat bets cats

Garry hasn’t finished hers yet, she has the one with yarn decorations. Jan and the giant fish are done but that will be it’s own blog post next week.

21 thoughts on “Cat Cave Class Part 2

  1. This was a very entertaining blog, as the cat cave results were explained. And of course I felt a lot better, having had my own cat cave issues recently. It’s always fun to see how differently the same project turns out for different people. About the Romney wool–I have always used it strictly for needle-felting because of those “non-wet-felting” properties. Hope Beth’s second cat cave turns out better!

    1. Cats have ideas of their own and there is nothing you can do about it. Beths’ second one is the brown one right under the comment about her cave. She was quite happy with it.

  2. Looks like the cats love them so that’s all that matters. I have wet felted Polwarth and Romney before without issues. Hard to tell what the issue was though. Looking forward to seeing the fish cat cave.

    1. Yes they all seemed to like them, even the ones that didn’t fit. Some breeds have wide differences in the wool from sheep to sheep. When you cross them you never know.

  3. Enjoyable post Ann. I was smiling all the time I was reading! Love the photos – especially Cynthia trying the cat cave on for size as a hat, and the big fluffy rear of the cat trying to enter the too-small pebble. So funny.

    1. To be fair to the cave, Hobbes is a very big cat. He weighs 19lbs and he isn’t fat. The two little ones would fit, no problem. Ash, the silver one who matches the pebble, would fit, but he prefers to lie ON it. It is now a “Flat Cat Mat”. Puzzle is the only one who seems disinterested.

    2. Wow Elizabeth – that is a big cat! Animals seem have no idea of their size when trying things out. I once had a bull mastiff dog who thought she could fit into a hard plastic dog bed that belonged to a very small dog – very funny watching her efforts!

  4. Very entertaining post Ann, and I know cats love felt in all shapes and sizes and don’t seem to care whether they sit in or on it. I too have wet felted polwarth and Romney – but not together – successfully. Cat caves are such big projects its a shame when they just don’t work out……that would be one huge hat!!

  5. I can sympathize with Beth. Romney isn’t easy to wet felt. I’m glad her second one turned out well. It sure looks like the cats had fun. Cute idea for Cynthia to use as a hat if the cats didn’t like it. I look forward to seeing the log and the fish.

    1. It was very frustrating. I have some Romney that felts just fine. I may throw it in the washer and see what happens. We did have a lot of fun in class it was a good group.

  6. They all look great Ann and better still all seem to have been well received by their new feline owners. Jan and the Giant Fish sounds like a great name for a Roald Dahl book, can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  7. What a great post – and pictures . . . looks like everyone had a great time! And it appears there are a lot of contented cats around too!

  8. Great post, Ann 🙂
    I know people are often disappointed when cats sit on the top instead of inside, but they look a lot more comfy like that than flat mats, they have supportive edges that the cats lean on, or just look cosier overall.

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