Cat Cave Class Part 2

Cat Cave Class Part 2

Here are the finished caves.

Lynda’s sea monster needed a little needle felting to reinforce the eyestalks so they would stand up properly. Her little dog was not impressed with the cave so It will be Lynda’s companion holding her roving next to her chair.

This is Diane’s beagle pillow. The real beagles seem to be unimpressed. The first picture is half stuffed and the next is all finished.

This is Catherin’s Cave. She let it partially dry before shaping it and stuffing it into the right shape.


And the cat fits but she had other ideas. LOL


And last but not least is Kimberly’s Cave. She wrapped the long spikes around some mini pool noodle like sticks. This was for a friends cat, who loved it.  Kimberly is a good friend. It was a lot of work.


15 thoughts on “Cat Cave Class Part 2

  1. Ha ha, did no one tell these canines and felines about all the work that goes into their caves?! I love them all Ann, great work, I especially like the beagle, very clever.

  2. These photos gave me a chuckle – pets can be funny. The Beagle cushion is amazing. It’s almost life-size so perhaps the dog thinks he has competition! The sea monster is great and maybe would have been appreciated by a cat – the dog looks underwhelmed doesn’t he? Catherine’s cat seems determined to make a mat of her lovely cave – what a look she’s giving the camera! I’m glad Kimberley’s friend’s cat appreciated her cave – what a lot of work went into finishing that.

  3. Wow! they all look fantastic. I know how much work it takes to felt a cave so I am giving you all big high fives. And I know that the darling pets dont always use them as intended. This all made me smile and laugh. Excellent work.

  4. They look great! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken for each to be finished. Well done!

    Can I just point out that the last cave is my favourite because it looks a little like a croissant? 😀

  5. Kudos to you and your students. Having made one, I know how much work they are. And mine was just plain with no extra embellishments. Cats are ornery, aren’t they?

  6. They all turned out great and huge! A lot of hard work went into them, too bad the animals weren’t that impressed. Each one is so unique. I imagine it was a challenge to come up with the shape of the resists.

  7. That Beagle cushion!! I think the real beagle is confused 🙂 They all look great, but I’m not surprised you keep running out of wool they look twice the size I was expecting 🙂

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