Cat Cave Class Part 1

Cat Cave Class Part 1

Last year a friend who is the workshop coordinator for the guild try’s to think of a class she would like to take  and arrange to have it on or near her birthday in January. A birthday present to her self. She wanted a cat cave class. Well, we tried to coordinate, her, me and enough students to make it a go. The next thing you know it’s this year.  We found a date we found people we ordered wool . One person dropped out and two more joined and the  drop out could come so now I have 6.  We had to find a big enough place to hold it. Our guild space is to small. Everyone would need Two six foot tables. I booked a nice little hall near my house.  I tell you all this just to let you know what people go through sometimes to offer , take or teach a workshop. No need for violins. It is usually more strait forward.

This is the hall. It is small but a great place for workshops.

Carsonby Hall and all set up. I am standing on the small stage.

hall ready for class

Everyone was warned they were guineypigs as this was the first time I was doing this class. I chose Finnish wool for this. It makes a nice firm felt that will stand up well.  We made a special order from World of Wool for the class. What I learned was we needed more time. It is a really big project.

Here they are laying out their wool

laying out wool laying out wool 2 laying our a log

dry felting Here Elizabeth is dry felting one side of her rock to get the fibers aquanted so she can move it without it falling apart

laying out a giant fish

Here is Jan she is working on the second side of her Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish. You can see it is quite large. after she adds the tale to the end of the resist it just fits the double table corner to corner.

fish getting bigger IMG_3551


More on the class and the cat caves next time. Like the class I am out of time.


16 thoughts on “Cat Cave Class Part 1

    1. Thanks Lyn. It was a very busy day. Only 2 of the tables are mine. The hall had 10. with it being so close to home Ross helped me set up and my son helped me tear down.

  1. I wish we had this much space! We have two tables like that for 6 maybe 8 at the new well being centre. Had they all felted before?

    1. It is a fab little hall and the city keeps wanting to take it over and use it for storage. It may be a good thing you are in a small space they wont want to do giant cat caves. Only 2 had felted before I think I will make it an intermediate course next time.

  2. Those are really large cat caves! Did you set a limit on size? Maybe not. Having just finished my cat cave recently for the first quarter challenge, I will agree–it’s a big project even if kept to moderate size. Definitely intermediate level work. I look forward to seeing the results!

    1. Some of the cats the caves are intended for are quite large. In Jan’s case the cat is quite small and old but Jan has big ideas. She has felted before so she could manage much of it without help. Size limit was it must fit on the table. Next time it will be a 2 day class.

  3. It was lots of fun but i did cheet a bit and asked my husband to bring the camera i forgot (and get him to help with the rolling!!) I have a memery stick of pictures i took for Ann to chose from so i hope she remebers her laptop tonight!! Ann is a grate and Patent teacher so if you have the opertunity definatly indulge and sign up for her class!!

    1. I will bring my laptop. You may be a separate blog post all by yourself Jan. LOL Jan that is very sweet of you to say. She probably has a big stack of book and magazines for me to reshelve at the guild tonight. 🙂

  4. Looks like a good place for a class. I am thinking of doing a cat cave class. And now reconsidering that it is too large a project. Oh well. I will set the limit on sizes by providing the resists.

    1. I really like the hall. The small one I made, the green one with the colour spikes could be done on one table. If you did them basket style they do not need to be as big but still not for a large cat.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed that you managed to complete a cat cave class in one day! It takes me a full day to make one without stopping to explain things. I’m intrigued to see the finished cealocanth…

  6. That really is a huge project for one day! I don’t know that I could manage that myself in a full day. I look forward to seeing the finished caves.

    1. I had my doubts that it would be long enough. They new that before we started. I would say it is an intermediate 2 day class. In some cases that would not have been long enough. Jan’s fish has a dorsal fin and 6 limbs with fins on the ends.

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