Finishing a Vase Cover

Finishing a Vase Cover

Last year I made a couple of vase covers using hand dyed Domestic 56 wool from Cathy (Luvswool).  Normally, I like the bright colors, but I really liked these subtle natural colors. Here is front and back.

But it seemed like it needed something. So, it has been sitting in the UFO pile waiting for some inspiration on how to finish it.

A few weeks ago when I wrote about crochet, Lyn provided a link to make a rose.

So, I tried it. It was very easy, thanks Lyn!

Then of course, I had to learn to make leaves and a stem.

When I laid it on the vase cover, I really liked it.

Then I sewed it on.  Here it is finished.

What UFOs have you finished recently?

13 thoughts on “Finishing a Vase Cover

  1. Beautiful rose Marilyn – and a lovely finish to your project.

    Making a ‘UFO’ into an ‘FO’ is very satisfying isn’t it?

    1. Thnaks Lyn! Yes it is is satisfying thanks to your inspiration for the flower. It was so easy. Now I have to think of somethings to put into the vase. :-). I have some ideas,but haven’t worked on them yet.

  2. I think you’re just unusually good at crochet, Marilyn! It does look nice 🙂 I haven’t finished any UFO’s recently, but I’ve been creating a pile of them, if that counts!

    1. Thanks Zed! I don’t know that I’m that good I just have been concentrating hard on making these designs work. There have been many tear outs, but I’m determined if nothing else. :-). If you weren’t creating a pile, I’d worry you were slacking off.

    2. Oh, you’re just making it look easy when really you’ve been working hard! I don’t feel so bad about not even being able to cast on now 🙂

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’ve been surprised how quickly I’ve relearned. In fact, I don’t recall using that many fancy stitches other than the crochet square I felted. My sister still has a crochet vest I made decades ago and I’m pretty sure that was a granny square type thing. It keeps my mind and hands busy now which is good.

      I look forward to seeing your slow stitching.

  3. Great addition to your vase cover. And I agree with Zed, your crochet skills are really leaping forward. I look forward to seeing more 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth! There will definitely be more. I’m getting brave enough to start small projects.

    1. Thanks Tracey! It’s not hard to learn to crochet with all the you tube videos and internet resources. The rose was super easy. Give it a try. Once you learn it’s kind of relaxing.

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