Discovering Textures in Crochet

Discovering Textures in Crochet

After learning the basic crochet stitches, I have adventured in practicing more  complicated stitches with unique texture.  You know me always looking for texture and dimension.

The first one I tried was the Mini Bean Stitch.  It took a bit of practice to get the tension right. I like the randomness of the the yarn in this stitch.  It is the same on the front and back.

The next one is the Elizabeth stitch named after the creators daughter.  Sorry about the light.  I took the photo in the only room that had some natural light. This also is the same on both sides.

I found the Suzette stitch very interesting.

The Uneven Berry Stitch has different sides.  One side dimensional and the other flatter. They also like to curl up.

The Lemon Peel Stitch is a nice tight stitch and the same on both sides. It’s actually a nice bright yellow color.


It was suggested with the Waist Coat /Center Single Crochet Stitch that variegated yarn be used.  But what I had on hand was a bit too variegated.  I also tried it with a plain color to see the difference.  A lot of Vs in there.

The Slant Stitch was fun.  The recommendation for this stitch was to use a neutral yarn.  But of course, I had to see it in a solid which I think is a bit nicer.

Each stitch has its own personality and texture.  I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite.  Also, each would be practical for different projects.  For example, the Slant Stitch would make an airy scarf.  The Lemon Peel or Waist coat would make a sturdier scarf, hat or pot holder.

Here are two bracelets I crocheted for my granddaughter Lisa in two sizes since I wasn’t sure of her wrist size.  The smaller one fit so now when she grows out of it she has another one. Yellow is her favorite color.

I’m quite fond of the Suzette and Mini Bean stitches just because of the interesting texture and dimension.  What’s your favorite?

20 thoughts on “Discovering Textures in Crochet

  1. You’re making me respect crochet again, Marilyn! I usually think of it as something to make granny squares with the exact same stitches, so I’m happy to be proved wrong. I bet Lisa will love her yellow bracelets 🙂

    1. Thanks Leonor! I stay away from the granny square types. I’m enjoying learning all these new textural stitches. I find new ones everyday. I can’t keep up! Lisa did love her new bracelets. Thanks.

  2. Such lovely patterns! I can’t decide which I like best. Now that you have learned the basics, are you planning to make something larger? Crochet is in fashion again.

    1. Thanks Nada! I’m just having fun with these new stitches. I don’t see any bigger projects in the near future unless something really catches my eye. You’re right crochet is in again. I do see a lot of crochet in my Facebook feed.

  3. I really like the mini bean stitch. Pieces of ‘loose’ crochet look good in felted works too.
    Crochet is very addictive and, unlike knitting, easy to unpick if you make a mistake!

    I like to experiment crocheting with different materials such as garden twine, plastic bags etc.
    I’ve made my mum a new fabric peg-bag and I embellished it with a crochet rose. I wasn’t happy with the first one I made using yarn as it looked too ‘chunky’, so I tried using embroidery silk and it turned out well – I stitched it invisibly to the peg-bag using a single strand of the same silk.

    The rose pattern is from SimplyDaisy

    1. Ooops – sorry – I put a link to the youtube video but I didn’t know it was going to display as huge as that!

    2. Wow Lyn, a rose crocheted with embroidery thread. I’m impressed. It’s gorgeous. I’m not sure what a peg bag is (clothes pins bag?) but I’m sure your Mum loved it with that beautiful flower. Thanks for the link. I plan to move on to shapes, if only I didn’t keep finding these interesting textures! You’re right it’s much easier to correct something in crochet. I think that’s why I prefer it. I used to knit also.

      I have seen the crochet with fabric, wire, etc. For now I’m using up my yarn. Haha. I keep buying more.

    3. Yes Marilyn, it’s a bag for clothes pegs and it’s suspended by a child sized hanger through an opening in the top so that you can hang it on the washing line.

    4. Thanks for clarifying that Lyn. Also, that tut is really good. I may be making roses this week. 🙂

  4. You have explored quite a few crochet stitches! I particularly like the uneven berry stitch, with the dimensional side showing. The slant stitch caught my eye as well! The neutral seems to bring out the design. Are you using crochet thread or yarn?

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’m using yarn, most acrylic. However, the neutral yarn was some type of Peruvian wool. I haven’t tried any thread yet. I’m not sure I can work that small. 🙂

  5. What a great bunch of stitches Marilyn. It’s interesting to see what all you can create with crochet. Lyn’s flower is really nice, isn’t it? I made a free form flower with crochet but I’ve already forgotten how I did it. If I don’t keep doing something, I forget the basics.

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yes, Lyns rose is beautiful. I may be making some this week. It looks fairly easy. People are really creating so many different stitches these days. I also tend to forget when I don’t repeat something often enough myself. Fortunately, most of these stitches use the basics with a new twist here and there.

  6. Wow, Marilyn, you’re a really quick learner! I didn’t even know it could look so different. It’s intersting how stitches/patterns look different with different coloured wool, too.

    1. Thanks Zed! I could learn a new stitch everyday forever it seems. I get at least two or three new ones in my FB feed everyday. I had no idea when I first started picking it up again.

  7. There are so many stitches with crocheting, just like there is with knitting. I still have the idea that crocheting works faster than a speeding bullet 😉
    Nice to see Marilyn.

    1. Thanks! I can tell you my crochet isn’t as fast as a speeding bullet. My hands can move that quick. 🙂

  8. I like the slant stitch and the mini bean the best I think. People are being so creative these days. No follow the rules as it’s always been done. I love it. I am sure your bracelet will be worn out with play before the new one fits.

    1. Thanks Ann! You’re right crochet is not the old granny square of late. There are so many new fun stitches to learn. I like both of those stitches as well. Each has their own character. Lisa is very tiny so I think it may be awhile before she needs the bigger one unless she does wear it out. 🙂

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