4th Quarter Challenge 2016

4th Quarter Challenge 2016

Like everyone else I have a ton of scraps, threads, cut offs, etc.  I finally got around to organizing them somewhat into like piles.  As you see I had a lot to choose form. The first pic is a tub full of scraps etc.



I pulled out some and put them on the table to pick from.


I decided I needed a store coupon case to keep in my purse.  I recently got a new purse and none of the pockets were sized large enough to hold some of these coupons.  I have a separate coupon holder for groceries that I only use when I grocery shop.  But I never know when I might pass by a department, fabric or specialty store that calls me in to shop.

I wanted it thin so I only used prefelt on both sides of the resist. With back problems, I don’t carry a big purse and try to keep it as light as possible.

I picked through the scraps and threw a little of this and that until I was satisfied with the look.  Then I topped off each side with some wisps of merino to help keep those rayon and cotton threads and silk bits to felt in adding merino over the sides to fold over. The yellow is silk selvedge.

20161105_155136 20161105_161012 20161105_161203

I spent a lot of time rubbing so as to not disturb the little bits and thread.

While still wet:

20161107_161500 20161107_161511

The purple fringe got a little wadded up in the felting process and the edges of the flap and sides of the holder needed to be straightened a bit.


After drying I still had some wild threads so I needle felted some down and cut others.  I also straightened the fringe and needled it down. I think for my use it will be fine.  Here is the finished front:

20161107_163732 20161107_163607

Back closed:20161107_163746

Now I’m ready to shop.


Here’s another piece I started as an experiment.  I don’t care for dots or the colors of this scarf, so I decided to cut off a piece and see how it felts because I have two more scarves I do like and didn’t want to experiment with them.  I used some silk scraps and angelina on one side and the scarf on the other.


I liked the dot side after felting. It doesn’t look so dotty, but more textured.  I may do some stitching on it. The silk side I got carried away with the angelina and don’t care for that.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it it’s fairly small.

20161014_115349 20161014_115356

It was fun experimenting with the scraps.  I’ll probably do more. Have you started your 4th Quarter Challenge?

26 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge 2016

  1. That is a really pretty coupon case – it looks bejewelled!
    If it hadn’t been for the challenge, would you have thought of doing that?

    It’s a good idea to experiment with fabric that you’re not precious about, but actually it’s turned out well hasn’t it? I like the sparkle of the angelina.

    1. Thanks Lyn! It does look bejeweled. No, I probably wouldn’t have thought to do that without the challenge. But I did enjoy it and feel good about using up some scraps. I’ll likely do more. Always need a little bling. 🙂

  2. That is really a lovely bag for your coupons !! Turned out very well !! I don’t have that much leftovers anymore . Why is the angelina so expencive ? I ordered some at aliexpress but got the wrong things, where did you ordered it Marilyn?

    1. Thanks Viltmaarraan! I never throw away the scraps, but this is the first time I’ve used them. So, I have a lot. I don’t know why Angelina is so expensive. Perhaps the process to make it? I’ve had mine so long I don’t recall where I bought it. It may have been a store in my area that carries felting supplies. If I remember, I’ll let you know.

  3. That’s a great coupon case, Marilyn! So many colours and textures 🙂 It’s interesting how different the dotty fabric looks after felting, I like it more too.

    1. Thanks Zed! I was surprised how much the felting changed the dots. I do like it more now, too. I’m thinking about embellishing it somehow. Not sure yet how.

      Thanks for coming up with the challenge!

  4. Great job on the small coupon case. While I don’t personally save or use coupons, I like the idea of re-purposing materials and scraps; and your pouch will be easy to find in your purse. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I guess my mother influenced me on the coupons. Which was good because when the kids were little we needed to stretch our dollars. I don’t do as much now, but I can’t resist saving 20 or 30% on larger ticket items. 🙂 Stretching those retirement dollars now.

  5. I like the experiment! It’s good to know you’re finding ways to use up stuff you’re not too fond of 🙂 I also like the coupon purse – have you ever thought about making these purses in separate pieces and then stitching them together? I ask because I’m a sucker for straight edges!

  6. Thanks Leonor! I could have done it in separate pieces and sewed it together. I like organic edges and this was a one step process. 🙂 Plus, this way I didn’t have any more cutoffs to save.

  7. Great use of scraps Marilyn. I think you must get better coupons in the states. all I ever see are 25 cents of brand name stuff that leaves it still more expensive than the cheaper brand. I would make a little zipper bag out of the second piece, but I am in a little bag making mood at the moment.

    1. Thanks Ann! Unfortunately I didn’t make a dent in the scraps. So, I’ll have to continue to find ways to use them.

      We get coupons for the big department stores like Kohls, JCP, and Bed Bath and Beyond is a big one. Then there are weekly coupons for Joann Fabrics and Michaels and others. I’m not cheap,but I love getting a bargain. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! That’s quite a compliment considering its embellished with scraps. 🙂

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