Adding Waste Machine Thread to Felt – 4th Quarter Challenge 2016

Adding Waste Machine Thread to Felt – 4th Quarter Challenge 2016

I have been saving cut offs from my machine stitching for quite a while so when Zed let us know that we needed to save up thread bits and pieces, I had no worries that I would have enough scraps of thread to use in this challenge. There are also some scraps of embroidery thread and Perle cotton in the tub.

Tub of Threads

Here’s my tub of thread. This is actually a photo after I used thread for the felt I will describe below. So I have plenty left!

Thread Felt Layout #1

I used white Mixed 56’s wool from RH Lindsay and then just spread the thread over top of the first layer. I wanted a thin felt so I used a fairly thin layer of wool.

Thread Felt #1 Close Up Layout

I didn’t worry about what colors I was using or where they went. I just wanted to experiment and see what happened.

Thread Felt #1 Second Layer

I then added a very thin layer of wool over top of the thread. I wasn’t worried about uneven shrinkage or making the felt a certain size. I was just making a sample.

Thread Felt wet Down

Here’s what it looked like after I wet it down.

Thread Felt #1

I felted and fulled as usual. Here is the finished piece. I really like it and love the way the thread crinkles up as the wool shrinks.

Thread Felt #1 Close Up

And the texture is marvelous.

Thread Felt Layout #2 Close Up

So I decide to make a larger second piece to add free motion embroidery for the main design. I thought this would make an excellent background.

Thread Felt #2Here’s the second piece. It’s about twice as large as the first sample.

Thread Felt #2 Close Up

And another close up of the texture. Next time I make some felt like this again, I am going to put even less wool on the second layer.

Thread Felt Ornament Card

I cut up pieces of the first sample to make a holiday card. I used fusible to fuse the ornaments to the dark blue felt which was screen printed and then over dyed. I then added free motion machine stitching and couched down a machine stitched cord that I found in my scrap box. Elizabeth, if you’re reading this post, this isn’t your card. I am making a different one as I didn’t really love this card.

If you haven’t tried adding thread to your felt, give it a try. I really like the results. Thanks Zed for the challenge as I’m not sure I would have tried this without your idea.


18 thoughts on “Adding Waste Machine Thread to Felt – 4th Quarter Challenge 2016

  1. I had a tub of cut thread just like yours Ruth – I’d saved the snip-offs for the challenge but only used a couple of pieces of black and white!
    You achieved a great effect with the thread and wool – I wonder what it would look like if you used a pale colour wool instead of white?
    It’s a good felted material to cut up for applique onto your dyed materials.

    1. Thanks Lyn! The first thing I thought after I finished the first piece was, that would look really good on a light green wool. Didn’t have any but once I get some dyed, I will definitely try it. The edges fray more than I like for applique because of the added thread but it worked.

  2. Great idea! the threads on felt make a wonderful background. I haven’t been saving any threads (I already have too much stuff and don’t know where to store it) but I might use this idea in the future using new threads.

    1. Thanks Nada! I just keep my tub of threads right by my sewing machine which is set up all the time. That way it’s handy when I need to dispose of threads. But it will work with new threads and then you can be more choosy with your colors.

  3. Wow, I love them, Ruth! It reminds me of some slubbed wool I have, but that makes quite ‘loose’ felt, yours looks much nicer! The textures are great 🙂

  4. Looks great Ruth! I love how you cut up the sample and used it for the card. I found it it so much fun I’m doing more of it. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much thread as you do. But I can always cut more. 🙂

    1. Thanks! The felt is pretty firmly felted and I’m not sure it would felt in to something else at this point. But you could do this and stop at prefelt stage and then add it in.

  5. You are such an inspiration! I love the effect, I need to start saving my thread. thank you for sharing.

  6. LOL. I was wondering until I got to your comment. I can’t wait, but now I’m struggling with yours.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I should be able to get your card out this week. Just a little bit to finish it. What ever you come up with will be wonderful, I’m sure 🙂

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