A Busy Guild Social

A Busy Guild Social

At my guild, Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ we have a large formal meeting with a program on the first Monday of the month and on all the other Mondays we have a casual social night. bring your wheel or knitting or what ever you like and just have fun with like minded people.

This Monday we there was lots going on. There were spinners and knitters.


Jan brought in some Sheep for the Demo boxes. they came back to the guild a short time ago from being used in a school program. they needed a little hair dressing and now they will go out for demos.


Some people were trying to fix the brake on a loom.


Elizabeth was teaching some one how to make a warp using the cool little paddle to speed things up .

and this is Judy carding cotton into punies ( probably spelled really wrong)

and this is a link( or maybe it will show.  to Judy’s YouTube video of spinning cotton on a Lego charkha.



8 thoughts on “A Busy Guild Social

  1. That Lego Charkha is amazing! Nice video work there Ann and great stills to give us a flavour of your friendly and interesting guild social life.

  2. It’s wonderful you have such a great group of like minded people to interact with. I love Jan’s sheep! I tried watching the videos but my iPad wasn’t cooperating. I look at it on my pc later. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your Guild looks ace, Ann 🙂 I only heard about punis fairly recently, I’d heard of rolags, and I often use skewers to get the short bits of fibres left on the handcarders, and since they weren’t really rolags, I called them wool kebabs 🙂

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