An idea for a project

An idea for a project

I was out doing the rounds at the garage sales a couple of week ago and found this interesting frame.

photo frame 1

That is a 12 inch ruler in front to give you an idea of the size. The thing that made me noticed it was that the glass is frosted to make a “mat”.  I  am always looking for frames that are deep behind the glass. This one has about an inch of space behind the glass.

frame side view

Here you can see the space behind  the glass and the white on the glass.

At first I thought I would make 3 individual pictures but I think it might be interesting to do one long picture so when you see it from and angle the picture will continue.

I did 3 sketches of what I want to do.

sketch 1

I think I like the city on the left better.  I like the road in the top one but I like the extra grass and trees on the bottom one. You will notice that the top right corner looks a little chewed. That is because it is. Star lamb was having a taste.  She is now out in the barn with the last 4 lambs and their moms in a group so she can learn to be a sheep and lean what she is supposed to eat. We had to wait until there were a few lambs for her to get used to before she joins the main group.

21 thoughts on “An idea for a project

  1. Good bargain! I bet you prepared these sketches for a felted project. I like them all. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. The frame looks like a good find and will be good for some heavily textured felt. I rather like the middle sketch, which suggests a transition from city, through suburb to countryside.

    Look forward to seeing progress pics.

  3. What a great find! I’m quite envious! I like the middle one too but would be tempted to put some grass along the base so the buildings look grounded and not floating.

    1. I almost didn’t buy it but I am glad I did it cost a $1. I a m a big spender. LOL. I will probably combine the three pictures. I think the chimneys and smoke help the second picture be more alive too. Helps them look lived in.

  4. I’ve never seen a frame like that, it’s a great idea and a felt landscape will look really good in it. I agree about the middle picture too, but maybe with a road at the bottom, or grass like Teri suggests.

    1. It is the sort of frame I see with art work in it for sale but never just the frame for sale. Maybe I will use the road and the grass it will be quite a big picture in the end.

  5. It looks like an IKEA frame to me. They have used that same frame for years uaing different images. Great find for $1! I agree with your decision of the city on the left and leaving some green space at the bottom, can’t wait to see it finished.

    1. I hope it is ikea. That means I can get more. I love doing the little simple scenes. I think some sheep will find their way in to the countryside too.

  6. Great find Ann! I agree the city may need a little grounding. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    1. Thanks. It should be an interesting project. I don’t usually think of the final framing when I am felting I just do it. this time I have to make it fit.

  7. Great use of shape in your design Ann! 😉 That is a great find on the frame. The only thing I would be cautious about is getting too much into each separate space. One of the reasons your design is good is the simplicity of it and you don’t want to “over do it”.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Yes I think so too. I usually like simple things. I admire the really busy things people do but when I try to do that, it usually just ends up looking messy.

  8. Fantastic find Ann – I may be slightly envious – what a bargain too! I like the simple designs and I’m sure you’ll do the lovely frame justice.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I am sure I can make it work if I think about it a bit. Samantha above thinks its an Ikea frame so maybe they are not t expensive new.

    1. Thanks, Definitely colour for the buildings. I jut hadn’t finished colouring the sketches yet. The felt never ends up exactly the same as the sketch anyway. I will probably do some stitching too.

  9. Really neat! I was reminded of the book “Mr Pine’s Purple House” when I saw your drawings. That’s why I asked about the colors. 😀🐏💜

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